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Ok, then offer to pay them for their data and see if it gives you a compeditive advantage.

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https://archive.fo/pHFzW :

Your Data Is Crucial to a Robotic Age. Shouldn’t You Be Paid for It? - The New York Times

'This dominance might matter less if companies had to pay for their users’ data. '

'Companies with different business models might join the fray. “This is an opportunity for other companies to enter and say look, we will pay you for this data,” Mr. '

'Could policymakers step in, somewhat the way the European Commission did, demanding that technology companies compute the value of consumer data?'

'A critical consideration is that if people were paid for their data, its quality and value would increase. '

'Unwilling to enter in a direct quid pro quo with their users, the data titans must make do with whatever their users submit. '

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Don't give them anything. Install plugins to your browser like UBlock Origin, Privacy Badger, NoScript, etc.. Or just use Tor.

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Colleges hate it.