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I'm grateful for Alex Jones. He managed to figuratively herd cats into a political force to be reckoned with. Conspiracy theory money is put to good use.

Say what you will about BrainForce and SuperMaleVitality, these vitamin mongers are speaking truth to power in a way that is not funded by donations or government grants. The placebo effect is real, and more expensive placebos work better than inexpensive ones. The value of fictional medical goods, along with generally sound advice on diet and exercise, has encouraged Infowars listeners to improve their health with a higher compliance rating than Dr. Oz or other traditional broadcast media. I do not hold Alex Jones to a higher standard than Oprah. They use high margin products to fund their operation.

Their operation is 20% quality investigative journalism, 50% emotional commentary to persuade the masses, and 30% monetization.

This is superior to nearly every other journalist outlet, which is 40% monetization, 55% emotional commentary to manipulate the masses, and 5% investigative journalism not lifted from Twitter or AP.

Infowars is not the butt of the joke, they are the tip of the spear. I don't buy from them or watch them often, but I thank Apollo for Alex Jones.

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The snake oil peddelers are now the heralds of truth, what has this world come to.

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No worse than the Church.

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Infowars has more credibility then fox news cnn or msnbc to me. Even if he goes on insane rants. the terrifying truth that i know is. There could be that going on. There could be illegal indecent horrific experimentation on human beings. Acknowledging that possibility is far beyond most humans. to even acknowledge the possibility that our own government allows it is far beyond others.

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Infowars has more credibility then fox news cnn or msnbc to me.

Sure, but they still have really low credibility. They're only accurate 20% or less of the time in my experience. They put out a lot of bizarre content.

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Fun fact: placebos work even if you're aware of them.

Go read up on vitamins, pick some made up benefits, and start taking those sugarpills. They work, even if they don't!

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Oh, shit. Back to reddit everyone!

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@HarveyKlinger case in point, dude :)

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Why is Facebook even around any longer? Let's all go back to my space! Start buying stock now goats start a movement!!! Lol I jest but Facebook needs to be burnt to the ground.

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Too late. Retards in power keep doubling down on the arms race and birthed the wonders block-chain. Why? Was it for drugs? Child porn? Terrorism? No... It's for our God given right to post dank memes and retarded jokes. Can't stop the signal now assholes.

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I know what Google and Facebook are doing is politically biased censorship, but I don’t like the idea of the government stepping in to control how private web services are operated.

What we need are more decentralized services. We never had a problem with a few big online entities censoring email lists, RSS feeds, or IRC. I know people today expect more interaction than what you get from some of those, but we can build protocols that have it. That’s the key. Don’t sign up for the latest social network. If you hear about a new open source social networking app, try it out.

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What we need is for ubiquitous online forums to be treated like public spaces.

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