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fuck you and your sign up BS

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The question isn't really who is being censored. The question is really why are they censoring in the first place.

We know that censorship only exists to hide the truth when leaders are abusing their followers. The libtard power structure demands that they must lie to justify their abuse so they can continue to exploit their followers. This is why you'll never hear about how dangerous their cities are because then the lie is exposed.

So if we understand why they lie, then we automatically know who is responsible for censoring the lie.

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So if we understand why they lie, then we automatically know who is responsible for censoring the lie.

Uh ... that's easy ... Der Juden.

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Right wing speech

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We all know the "theme" -- it's "suppress conservative speech." It's about political censorship and nothing else.

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Gematria and flat earth are like level 5 in the conspiracy theory iceberg, why would judentube ban those type of channels?

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Flat earth is a psyop so they probably thought including it in the ban would give it some street cred. It should have been banned years ago (what I mean is, they should never have promoted flat earth, I don't think it needs to be censored).

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Damn, they even went after 'Willy Myco'...

{Willy Myco is an amateur mycologists who demonstrates how to grow mushrooms {PF Tek}, mostly of a psilocybin variety but the technique is usable with other species.}

I don't get that though, weren't the libtarded recently trying to say psychedelic mushrooms would make people more "liberal".....?

And apparently he's back, if you're bored.

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They also seemed to censor a lot of harm-reduction and drug science channels' videos. So it's not all right-wing related topics. It seems to be more directed at anything extreme, both right and left.

Just another reason to get off Youtube, Google and Facebook if you ask me.

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