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The way it works in California is that the buyer, in theory, is required to pay the sales tax. In practice, nobody except for audited corporations does. So the people who broke the law were the buyers, not the sellers. If it works the same way in CT, they managed to get an order to get Newegg's customer list, and it's CT who is sending tax bills for past purchases not Newegg. Newegg may have had little choice but to turn over the records if there was a legal court order to do so.


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NewEgg had other options. They just decided to throw thier customers under the bus to get out of collecting taxes going forward.

It was a dick move by them and by the state of CT giving such short notice. Some of these tax bills can be in the hundreds or even thousands (think buying equipment on a company card on your personal Newegg account you didn't bother setting up a separate account)