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I think Connecticut is a lot more to blame here than newegg. In general, fuck states for trying to collect sales tax when there is no physical presence of the seller in that state. It's unreasonable for them to try to comply with the tax laws of all 50 states.

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fuck states for trying to collect sales tax when there is no physical presence of the seller in that state.

B... but, the post office... the buyer... we... give us money!!!!

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Generally agree with that assessment, if it's a small business. NewEgg does millions in revenue so just as a matter of scale it should be more economical. There are services that handle how to properly charge tax for each state/city/county

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IIRC there's a different tax term for shit ordered from out of state and it's the buyers responsibility to report it, not Newegg's. Gimme a minute and I'll try to look it up.

Edit: It's a use tax.

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I wonder if Newegg knows who paid the required amounts on the 1040 form. Maybe nobody did, but if an honest person actually made the claim, then Newegg wouldn't know and this would be a double tax and could rightfully be argued to be repaying the same tax.

I also wonder if the CT government would do due diligence to see if any names on the list previously paid. But, as with all cash-strapped municipalities, they probably won't mind collecting double on anything.

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Governments should collect a double bypass

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From what I'm reading there is nothing that newegg can legally pass on. If they haven't charged sales tax for years that's 100% on them.

Any attempt to collect from a customer is gonna be harassment.

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Those efforts eventually paid off, as many online sites that didn't previously charge a sales tax now do. However, Connecticut is not stopping there. It wants online vendors to pay up for past purchases, or share purchase records so that it can go after consumers directly.

According to WFSB, a local CBS affiliate in Connecticut, Newegg chose the latter route. As a result, some customers who purchased electronics and other items from Newegg in 2014 through 2016 are receiving bills in the mail for taxes owed.

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I can't imagine that would hold up in court. Tacking on fees not agreed to by the customer after the fact.

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It's a tax. It doesn't matter if you agreed to it or if you even knew about it at the time.

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They'll argue that it was tax avoidance and it should've been paid from the start or some bs.

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That's such a bad slippery slope to go down. What stops Connecticut from creating taxes out of thin air and slamming users with more "fees"? Absolutely nothing is what...

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How does this not fall afoul of either Statute of Limitations or something else that is on the tip of the tongue but not emerging from the depths of my depraved mind.

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Statute In CT looks like three years though IDK how they are able to ask for taxes owned in 2014. Seems like they are hoping people don't notice and push back?

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Didn’t newegg get bought out by a Chinese company last year?. Haven’t been using them since that happened.

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Don't know when exactly but yes you are correct.

Never had much of any problem with anything I purchased but this just leaves a bad taste doing business with them in the future

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The way it works in California is that the buyer, in theory, is required to pay the sales tax. In practice, nobody except for audited corporations does. So the people who broke the law were the buyers, not the sellers. If it works the same way in CT, they managed to get an order to get Newegg's customer list, and it's CT who is sending tax bills for past purchases not Newegg. Newegg may have had little choice but to turn over the records if there was a legal court order to do so.

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NewEgg had other options. They just decided to throw thier customers under the bus to get out of collecting taxes going forward.

It was a dick move by them and by the state of CT giving such short notice. Some of these tax bills can be in the hundreds or even thousands (think buying equipment on a company card on your personal Newegg account you didn't bother setting up a separate account)

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glad that i have never bought anything from that site though i have been tempted to do so in the past

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My last (and final) purchase from them was ironically tax software. I don't even live in CT but I just find the whole situation could have been handled better

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Connecticut wants to tax & price anyone who isn't a retiree into leaving the state. People are leaving, so now where do they go to get their money?...

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