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Fuck blacks. You may have not done anything, but your ancestors raped, exploited, abused and dehumanized blacks every day.

The first paragraph of Wikipedia's entry on contemporary slavery in Africa:

"The continent of Africa is one of the most regions most rife with contemporary slavery. Slavery in Africa has a long history, within Africa since before historical records, but intensifying with the Arab slave trade and again with the trans-Atlantic slave trade; the demand for slaves created an entire series of kingdoms (such as the Ashanti Empire) which existed in a state of perpetual warfare in order to generate the prisoners of war necessary for the lucrative export of slaves. These patterns have persisted into the colonial period during the late 19th and early 20th century. Although the colonial authorities attempted to suppress slavery from about 1900, this had very limited success, and after decolonization, slavery continues in many parts of Africa even though being technically illegal."


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They were slave holders during US slavery too. We bought those slaves from African slave holders


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Slavery is a game where no one race is innocent of the crime, but most paid their penance - save the black Africans, who continue to commit the crime even today.