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[–] Reddit_is_shitty 7 points 26 points (+33|-7) ago  (edited ago)

Don't strive to be politically correct. You're playing (((their))) game when you do.

The anti-white and anti-male narrative is all I've ever known as well. I was born in the mid 80s.

I grew up on cartoons of the girls always being right and smart, and the boys always messing everything up and being the reason for the problems.

I grew up watching non-whites get all the free handouts, and white's being either ignored when they actually needed help, or shamed for even thinking about asking for help.

The anti-white anti-male narrative is bullshit, and anyone who promotes it is an open enemy to me who actively wants me dead and gone. As such, because they want me dead, I want them dead.

I will not sleep a completely peaceful night's worth of sleep until all the physically fit and intelligent white men in the world have killed off every single human except for the physically fit and intelligent white women.

We need to engineer a virus to kill any non-whites.


[–] common_sense 6 points 11 points (+17|-6) ago 

Fuck identity politics on both sides.


[–] DeadFox 2 points 1 points (+3|-2) ago 

Kill yourself


[–] Doglegwarrior 0 points 6 points (+6|-0) ago 

Problem if you don't play their game with words they dismiss you from the start.. it works if you use their own words to show their hypocracy and make them actually think how wrong they are.. it's similar when some one says your pro life but at the same time pro deathpenality.. two things don't go together.


[–] waringi 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

Why did none of us ever think of that? Using their arguments against them to show their hypocrisy. Its brilliant. BLM, Antifa, etc. We could have cut these movements off at the root! /s

You're a special kind of retarded, arent you?


[–] ScreaminMime 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago 

Sure they do, one is an innocent child whose inception just happens to be a burden, the other is an adult that has dedicated their life to being a burden to society.

What doesn't go together is being anti-life AND against a the death penalty.