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As an early 90s baby I always thought affirmative action was racist.

The ghetto kids used to get into the pool for free and I had to spend my mowing money to go. The blacks at university get state sponsored minority scholarships and flunk out the first semester while I had to enlist and deploy to Iraq and only get half of my education paid for.

I’m absolutely sick of the anti-white narrative, it’s all I’ve ever known.

Now I share my distaste for such policies in public. I’m well-refined with my verbiage, and strive to stay politically correct when I’m speaking with people who disagree with me, but I get the point across that the inequality I face as a white male is far more valid than anything a member of another race might face - in the West.

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Don't strive to be politically correct. You're playing (((their))) game when you do.

The anti-white and anti-male narrative is all I've ever known as well. I was born in the mid 80s.

I grew up on cartoons of the girls always being right and smart, and the boys always messing everything up and being the reason for the problems.

I grew up watching non-whites get all the free handouts, and white's being either ignored when they actually needed help, or shamed for even thinking about asking for help.

The anti-white anti-male narrative is bullshit, and anyone who promotes it is an open enemy to me who actively wants me dead and gone. As such, because they want me dead, I want them dead.

I will not sleep a completely peaceful night's worth of sleep until all the physically fit and intelligent white men in the world have killed off every single human except for the physically fit and intelligent white women.

We need to engineer a virus to kill any non-whites.

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Fuck identity politics on both sides.

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Problem if you don't play their game with words they dismiss you from the start.. it works if you use their own words to show their hypocracy and make them actually think how wrong they are.. it's similar when some one says your pro life but at the same time pro deathpenality.. two things don't go together.

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White privilege is the privilege to get fucked over for being white.

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Ain't that the truth.

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And the other day I read about a former YouTube employee that has sued Google for allegedly pressuring recruiters to only look for female, black, and Hispanic or Latinx applicants...

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We need an organization similar to the aclu but its main purpose is to fight back against anti white discrimination and we need to start it now and we need to start funding it big time so it has the resources to back up the lawsuits.. then any lawsuit that is won half what is won goes into the 2ar chest and any attorneys working on the case get a piece of the pie to...this is not about getting rich it's about doing the right thing.

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A war would be quicker.

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Not really

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Aggressive legal action is about the only thing that can be effective. If in every case it's painful grinding financially crippling legal action to go the racism route, it would end. We proliferation because there is a cottage industry built around outrage settlements. No one wants to get dragged through the press so they bend, pay the ransom tax, and go on living life. It's so damn profitable everyone wants in on that action.

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Aggressive legal action is about the only thing that can be effective.

jews own youtube, google, they are the judges, they are the lawyers. They -HATE- whites, calling them whitephobic is an understatement, they want whites exterminated. No amount of lawsuits are going to solve this any more than lawsuits will save whites from extermination in africa.

There is but one law, kill or be killed. The sacred truth, freedom isn't free, it comes at the highest of costs, the cost of blood and eternal vigilance. Either you advocate for white unity for white survival and do everything in your life in support of this or you are working to exterminate whites.

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Class action? :)

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...classy...niggaz.... /v/racewars

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They should be forced to financially support an open source version of Youtube that they don't profit from. Create an open, free, video sharing platform that the masses can actually trust. Something transparent and bipartisan.

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How authoritarian of you.

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That's what happens when you break the law and show no respect for the constitution. You lose certain rights, especially as a corporate entity. That's how you protect the rule of law. Remember that, the rule of law? Because without it, we're fucking barbarians.

And yes, I consider myself at this point fairly authoritarian, because it's becoming increasingly clear to me that the civilization that 10% of the planet currently enjoys which values freedom and individuals is incredibly rare and unlikely. The entirety of our existence as a species has been spent in significantly worse conditions, and it's entirely likely that we will regress back to that if we do not sufficiently respect and uphold our current systems. You need to be at least somewhat authoritarian to do that, if for no other reason than that there are droves of quasi illiterate liberals who believe Socialism is the cure for what they perceive as the cancerous form of Capitalism, meanwhile there's every bit of proof that Capitalism has saved untold lives and produced increasingly better living conditions for the entire globe, where as Socialism has been shown to fail miserably over and over again and cause untold suffering... These people are willing to violently assault people over their ignorance, so yeah, I'm a tad authoritarian. Why aren't you?

Why is authoritarian even being used as a derogatory at this point, are we in fucking High School? Sure, I'm authoritarian, so how about you utilize that thing you call a brain and articulate why that's a bad thing in this specific circumstance, instead of making a lazy offhanded one liner.

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Can we sue Senator UpChuck Shumer too?

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Well well well....some rich dicks are going to loose their balloons? Ever been to their headquarters? They use balloons to let the other cubicle cunts...know who can help you-So balloon popping will be going on!!!

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