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The spokesperson added, “The technology flags images for human review and is for non-offensive uses only.


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So google employees too stupid to know that their company has been in bed with the government for decades now? Color me surprised.

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I think that google will start to use the government to push their own private agenda in the next 5 years.

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They don't know where these satellite images come from do they? US Navy

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But nobody should expect any privacy while in public. Tracking everything they do is perfectly fine for a government to do. /s

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Google: People use guns to kill and that's not ok. We're taking a stance against violence, especially with guns.

Also Google: What's that? You'll pay millions of dollars for our help with your machine made to kill people? Sign us up!

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Ahh man there was a video I saw a year or 2 ago from an asian country where they have already combined the AI learning technology with their traffic cameras and it could ID every person and car that drove by. Must of linked to the government database and/or social media accounts.

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Add 10 years or so to this tech to guesstimate their capabilities. Your personal spy device only makes it easier. Combine that with facial recognition + aerial city surveillance/tracking and your life, both internal and external, is practically an open book.

Even if you're not a user of those socialist media platforms, they probably have a file on you, based just on your existence and interaction with the world.

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Interesting read, had to archive it because it was asking for a subscription. Thanks for that.

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Every single person here has a dossier on them somewhere.

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Google employees are always outraged.

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