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Citi cut its iPhone X Q1 shipment forecast to just 14 million units - Business Insider

'Analysts at Citi dramatically revised down their iPhone X shipment forecast, citing "sluggish" demand for the $1,000 phone. '

'For 2Q18E, we trim total iPhone shipment to 40m from 48m previously as we revise down iPhone X shipment to 7m. ', "These are the most pessimistic numbers we've seen yet, as analysts race to downgrade their iPhone X shipment forecasts."

'In a note to investors, they predicted 14 million iPhone X shipments for the first three months of 2018, then just 7 million shipments for the second quarter. '

'We reduce 1Q18E iPhone X shipment to 14m from 27m. '

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On the bright side, Apple is coming up with cheaper Macbook Air to boost its sales