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Trade has been the elephant in the room for decades while politicians have sold us out on trade deals. If we had an FBI worth a fiddlers fuck, they'd be busting them when they took the bribes. Some days I just wonder if we shouldn't just lynch them all and start all over again.

Trump addressing something I've been bitching about for decades. Hurray!

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Gas the economists trade war now!

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Repeal the 16th amendment! It has been a Titanic failure. Passed in 1913, same year as the Fed was created. Not a coincidence.

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I think I want that on a shirt

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There's that '6 million' number again.

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that'd be amazing if Trump tweeted "we've lost 6 gorillion factories"

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We are going to make 6 gorillian jobs!

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/our guy/ confirmed.

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Sadly, I don't think anyone but us voat goats would appreciate that in the right way.

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Edit: Not what you intended, but the DemoNazis are taking this in the usual direction.

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This will bring out the globalist shills bought and paid for by places like Communist Red China and India big time. You know what to do.

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i used to think Trump was a troll who didn't want to win an election...now i see he's Based and Woke as Fuck!

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United States Steel Corp. said it would restart a blast furnace in Illinois to handle the higher demand it expects from President Donald Trump’s proposed tariffs on foreign steel. The steelmaker said it also plans to call 500 employees back to work at the Granite City mill. U.S. Steel idled its blast furnaces there two years ago as a flood of cheap imports pushed down domestic steel prices. Steel producers have been hurt in recent years by increasing competition from foreign competitors, particularly China, that have ramped up production at lower prices. -- http://archive.is/tPoyL (WSJ)


Edit: leave it to the globalist WSJ to talk about how China has "ramped up production at lower prices" rather than saying the truth, which is that Communist Red China is dumping steel and aluminum on our market at below cost to destroy our industrial base.

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People are retarded and don't realise that if you produce local, supply local and buy local then the money stays in the country.

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It is more than money, at the end of the day FED creates money out of nothing, it is practically worthless.

What is important is all the know-how of engineering/manufacturing which was "deliberately" lost to China.

There is nothing more important than country having a strong manufacturing base.

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True, things are only as valuable as people deem them to be. And like Goymoney, as long as you excel at producing things people want/need then they will pay the higher prices..

Or go the way of China, manufacture shit for cheap and flood the market with it.

Economics is a fickle beast.

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The only possible outcome from such a trade deficit is a loss of jobs and economic growth. Which oddly enough, is exactly what we've been observing since NAFTA was passed.

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Economic growth for 1% of the population.

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Wall Street has done very well. We've gone from a nation of producing goods to a nation of producing financial instruments.

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Let's just bring these jobs back, idgaf if they are heavily automated by today's standards.

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Yeah that's why we put you in charge of fixing it. We're still in NAFTA, are you even working on changing that or is that task still on "rumored to potentially tell someone else to maybe ask another person to start re-negotiating it with no defined meaning for that?" How about punishing companies that are nominally "American" by merit of sharing a "headquarters" with 1000 other companies in 1 little office in New Jersey, but in practice have no loyalty to US or its people at all?

in general less talking more acting

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^Found Cohn's replacement^

Please report to DC early Monday morning.

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Good! Let's get Mexico & Canada to pay some hefty ass tariffs too since they've gotten filthy rich off allowing ALL other nations to avoid paying our tariffs by entering our markets via their nations! End NAFTA NOW!

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Ethiopians work for $30 a month. They can eat on fifty cents a day. Don't have anything to do with Pukes and Rats. Just can't compete with that.

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