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Pretty much.. GM is in to lots of diversity hiring also, and of course there was the GM streetcar conspiracy where they bought and then sabotaged (through neglect of maintainence) the train stations so they would have to be shut down to force people to buy more of their cars..
This is why the public transportation in USA blows so much compared to other countries..

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The movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit is about streetcar conspiracy.

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GM isn't doing so hot since Barra took charge.

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Chrysler was the worst car I ever had. Fucking brand new, after 2 years everything was broken. Worthless brand.

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Chryslers owned by fiat so go figure.

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The saying goes with their trucks, “you spend 50 grand for a Cummins, and the dodge comes for free.” Every, and I mean every Chrysler product pickup truck, diesel or gas, The front end goes out.

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Let me guess. You went and bought a Nissan to replace it?

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Besides the fact that they are shit cars.

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Made primarily in Mexico and China.

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Because they can't compete against these trade deals. You can't stack the deck against them and complain when they fail.

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The really sad thing is, GM, Chrysler, and Ford basically stacked the deck against themselves. They were all calling for so called "free trade" as a way to stick it to their unions. The CEO's and board made money running the corporations into the ground. Then we bailed the out.

I'd like to see Trump decrease regulations in addition to the tariffs. The current car companies are scum. We need some new blood. Tesla was a good start, but we need more innovation.

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Nip cars are better, and they're usually made in the US. Fuck the so-called "American" cars.

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true. own a subaru after owning "american" cars my entire life. fantastic vehicle and produced in Illinois.

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You actually own a Fujitsu Heavy Industries car. I had a B4 before moving back to the states. I miss that thing.

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Subaru is the least American-made of the jap brands. See the Kogod Index. Toyota and Honda make cars here, designed by Americans, with American parts. Subaru only assembles two of their cars here and the total impact on the American economy is calculated to be less 50% on the Outback and Legacy, and 0% on everything else.


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What subaru. Subaru builds outbacks, imprezas, and foresters in Indiana. Lafayette Indiana.

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All the parts are made in the same factories in Mexico and China. What the tariffs do is bring the manufacturing of the parts back in the US.

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Here’s how to tell for sure:


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Thanks, that's a pretty cool resource, I wish I knew about it earlier.

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Goodbye trillion dollar a year trade deficit! https://imgoat.com/uploads/4229abfcfa/90261.png We won't miss you.

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I suspect the trade deals were made stupid on purpose. They cannot tolerate a strong and well-armed American middle class.

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The US lost trillions and the people who sold us out made millions. What a bargain.

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We don't even need to trade with shithlle countries. Just drastically reduce taxes and other regs

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They don't buy US cars for the same reason we don't. They are cheaply made, unreliable, and automatic.

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cheaply made, unreliable, and automatic.

This can be applied to some German cars as well.

Many Euros I've met have a strange affinity to Mustangs, don't know why.

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Probably the same reason parts of car culture here slobber all over anything that's "JDM", except replace that with "USDM", and nothing represents that more than the Mustang does. First time Ferd has sold the Mustang outside the U.S.

That and for the power, you can't get anything much cheaper over there. Usually if you want something powerful, you're also going to get a shit ton of luxury along with it. Never mind that in order to put all that power to the pavement in a controlled manner you either need to get the GT350 or spend the money on mods that will effectively turn it into the GT350. But if all you want to do is a few burnouts and then put it back in the garage, it fills that market segment cheaply, much more than say, the C7 does.

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I didn't know this. Are you talking about Mercedes (large engine, rwd)? Or is there some other makes and models in Germany that the US is not accustomed to? And when I say cheap I mean we can build a nice luxury sedan. But the interiors are always shit. Why put cheap plastics in a 50k+ car?

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Cause they're just stupid. Any high tuned euro car would leave them for dust but we don't have anything like American muscle cars cause a giant engine instead the best way to use a cars power. It's like wanting to use a sledge hammer to put a tack in the wall to hang a picture.

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It's almost like US makes are the 2nd and 3rd largest most sold in the world.

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Ford owns Jaguar (or what ever amount). Plus Ford has different models outside of the US.

You forgot to mention expensive.

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I believe Ford sold Jaguar.

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You're an idiot.

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Open up the old steel mills. America is back! Maga

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Yeah and stop selling all the scrap metal to china

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Thank you brother I will!

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And if no one is buying our steel because we kicked off a trade war and it's tariffed to hell? Most of the steel used in the US is still American steel. We export a lot of it.

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The art of the deal baby!

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Then they get shitty China steel. And most DNV followers have strict "no China" steel rules. (Edit, typo on DNV.)

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America makes great pickups but they wouldn't sell in the UK and much of Europe because even an F-150 is too big for the tiny roads there.

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Toyota doesn’t sell a Tacoma in Japan ;)

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I think the Ford Ranger is coming back soon.

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And even the Ranger is a bit big for those medieval streets laid down 1000 years ago when the top speed was 5mph and everything was made out of wood and horsies.

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The new ranger is going to be the size of the late 90s f150.

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Tariffs are more about making parts here again. Right now, it doesn't matter what car you buy or where it is from. The parts are all from China and Mexico.

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If you want to sell cars, make better cars. Regulating the market is not helping anyone but the corporations and their owners. The more you protect an industry, the lazier it gets. US cars are shit because of low fuel prices and government protection. Remove that and you will see progress.

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Perhaps we could also lower the standards for vehicles. You can buy a brand new vehicles in Mexico for $7000. Cheapest here is $12K.

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Have you been in a cheap Mexican car? Feels like a $7000 car.

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As a best-case scenario. Normally they feel even cheaper and shittier than that!

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Wat? In many cases, they're the exact same car! They're even made in the same factories.

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Isn't that the quality of the car's/ the models?

Cars are really cheap in the Phillipines too; but they're not the same models as in America. Ford sells cars there, but they're smaller/ cheaper. Here is an example: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_Everest

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smaller and cheaper

I mean... It's not like I need a giant ass vehicle. I'm a single dude, I just need something to get around town, drive to work, hold a reasonable amount of groceries, you know?

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Yes. I'm talking about about cheaper models. The vehicles will have more lax safety and emission standards. They'll often be missing features such as keyless entry and power windows, sometimes even ac and radios. Granted they will all have manual transmissions, which cuts down on cost as well.

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so how realistic would it be to drive to mexico buy a car and drive back with it, and then save 5k?

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It's not as simple as buying a new car from an American dealer. You'd have to ensure the vehicle complies with US regulations, as well as being subjected taxes and fees. You'll also have to ship it across the border if I'm reading it correctly.


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Fuck that. Are you retarded? They are cheap because they are death trap pieces of shit.

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