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I know. Canada was kicking our (US) asses just a few years back. The value of the Canadian dollar was shooting up. Now the place is going down the tubes economically. Americans should be for America first and Canadians should be for Canada first. Nothing else works.


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Maybe if we had a Canadian running the country rather than a Cuban Canada would be a higher priority.


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We tried having a Kenyan run our country. He's got a portrait in the President's gallery with sperm on his face. Don't be us!


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Justin Trudeau is Canadian though. In fact, according to the quick google search I just made, his entire family is Canadian. Mostly hailing from Montreal and other towns in Quebec. Where did you hear that he is Cuban?

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Microsoft Windows.

Bill Gates.

They grow used to just shitting out user-interfaces and operating system features that they like - and expect us to to just take it. Restart your computer now? In the middle of work? Because!

"I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that".

There is an explicit fascism to Windows, and the whole ecosystem it created.

We are now reaping the rewards.

Bill Gates invented and force-throat-fucked Common Core into the curriculum, because he knows how to teach other parents' kids. It's in their blood to advise others how to run their homes. They "own" through license all the stuff in your home, so they know what's best.

Despite its' epic failure, Bill still believes in his Common Core method.


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What? Competition? In Capitalism? Don't you know meritocracy never works?


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Socialism in a nutshell.