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Yeah sorry man, I don’t much care about niggers or spicks. They had their opportunity to impress me; and they’ve been found lacking.

Not all "affirmative action/diversity hire" beneficiaries actually supported such policies, many of the smart and "qualified" ones actually don't like those

Too bad. When I get on a plane and my pilots a nigger, I’m worried. If my doctors a mexican lady, I’m noping out. These animals are just handed the jobs for free


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These animals are just handed the jobs for free

That's precisely why we need to get rid of affirmative action.

So these less evolved race who get those jobs are the outlier of their race.

Affirmative action is damaging for them as well because their "diversity quota" compatriots are incompetent. Like in university, there exist actual niggers who actually able to like, pass classes. But the freebie affirmative action nigger who got carried are numerous as well and it makes nigger who can pass without "institutionalized racism" look bad.

Affirmative action is shit and is not helping anyone.


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I was just bitching to my wife about affirmative action