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It's astonishing how a company would rather cut it's own throat and hire unqualified nigger varieties that contribute noting to the company over hiring people that can make a difference to the bottom line.

It's a snowball effect. Companies start by hiring more or less qualified token leftists in order to improve their media image, and those hires in turn push for more extreme forms of "affirmative action," which is a code term for anti-white racism.


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There is no need for euphemism.

Call it for what it is. White genocide.

It's not isolated cases for anti-white racism. It is systemic genocide. Ask yourself this question, everyday, how many white women are raped by color and how many whites are murdered by colors? How many white men lost their job to colors?

It's white genocide, it's not just simple racism like some nigger insulting a white dude for being white. Literally in Europe we have mujahideens murdering whites and the "court" let's them walk away scot free. IF that's not planned and government sanctioned genocide I don't know what is.