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ipfs....I don't know why everyone ignores ipfs. sorry here's a link https://ipfs.io/

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There used to be an implementation at https://ipfs.pics/

Now it is just pointing to the github repo. The images it hosted are all still available at the relevant hashes. Take that slimgr et al!

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...yeah me neither

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Check out SPKOUT - they are for video what you are asking.

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I'm a fan of siacoin and library. both are decentralized storage projects.

siacoin also has dedicated ASIC's for mining now, and I find once that step occurs, generally better support happens over the longer term.

my opinion.

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What else can/could those ASICS mine?

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As ASIC is generally silicon baked for a single purpose. In the case of Siacoin, the Blake2b hashing algo.

The only other good ASIC's provide is "low grade heat" ie. heat that is not hot enough to produce electricity in a boiler.

It can help heat your home, as it does mine.

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Use a torrent front end. Then all you need is some distributed hosting of the magnet links.

Also look into Ethereum. There is one mature project I can't think of the name right now. But people are using it.


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Also look into Ethereum

Semi-relevant user name you got there

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Yeah just started the LLC of the same name.

Frygar has been the name of my Mining rig since 2013. Also I am [well can be] a Dapper gent. And I'm learning to write Dapps.

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Are you looking only for blockchain projects?

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I use www.mger.co and albeit not decentralized yet, they are planning on moving storage to Oyster Pearl or directly on IOTA, and also implement IOTA micro-payments for sharing images. Exciting.

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Ahh yes! that's kinda the direction I was looking at. non ad based revenue via some kind of token reward system, but pearl is just as great if it picks up steam. I'd still be happier if they were building it on EOS