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Microsoft just can't stop fucking the dog lately.

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they have been at it for a while now.

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Yeah but they have managed to refine it.

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Microsoft pretty much hates everyone and everything these days.

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Well I hate pretty much everything Microsoft so it evens out.

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Microsoft v. Lindows.com, Inc. was a court case brought by Microsoft against Lindows, Inc in December 2001, claiming that the name "Lindows" was a violation of its trademark "Windows." After two and a half years of court battles, Microsoft paid US$20 million for the Lindows trademark, and Lindows Inc. became Linspire Inc.

As early as 2002, a court rejected Microsoft's claims, stating that Microsoft had used the term "windows" to describe graphical user interfaces before the product, Windows, was ever released, and the windowing technique had already been implemented by Xerox and Apple many years before.[4] Microsoft kept seeking retrial, but in February 2004, a judge rejected two of Microsoft's central claims.[5] The judge denied Microsoft's request for a preliminary injunction and raised "serious questions" about Microsoft's trademark. Microsoft feared a court may define "Windows" as generic and result in the loss of its status as a trademark.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Corp._v._Lindows.com,_Inc. Micro$$$oft is on shaky ground here. Unfortunately they have deeper pockets than the defendants.