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And yet G+ has entirely non functional (i.e. set the option, it duly ignores your selection and keeps going like nothings changed) privacy setting and no one says a fuckin word but GB2FACEBOOKNOOB


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https://archive.fo/VfNGx :

Facebook smartmobe app's pre-ticked privacy settings violate German data protection law • The Register

'A German court has ruled that Facebook has not done enough to alert people to the pre-ticked privacy settings on its mobile app. '

'"We work hard to ensure that our policies are clear and easy to understand, and that all aspects of the Facebook Service are in compliance with applicable law."'

'Vzbv said: "The Facebook app for smartphones, for example, a location service was pre-activated that reveals a user's location to people they are chatting to. '

'Facebook said it is planning to update its data protection practices and policy due to GDPR coming into force in May. '

'That included an option to share location data when in conversation with another user, and agreement that Google and other search engines could show links to user profiles in search results. '

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