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Equifax hack worse than previously thought: Biz kissed goodbye to card expiry dates, tax IDs etc • The Register

'The outfit already said cyber-crooks "primarily" took names, social security numbers, birth dates, home addresses, credit-score dispute forms, and, in some instances, credit card numbers and driver license numbers. '

'Equifax spokeswoman Meredith Griffanti stressed to The Register today that the extra information snatched by hackers, as revealed by Senator Warren, belonged to "some" Equifax customers. '

'In other words, not everyone had their phone numbers, email addresses, and so on, slurped by crooks – just some. ', "Like social security numbers, taxpayer ID numbers are useful for fraudsters seeking to steal people's identities or their tax rebates, and the expiry dates are similarly useful for online crooks when linked with credit card numbers and other personal information.", "The US government's Consumer Financial Protection Bureau promised a full investigation into the Equifax affair, and then gave up."

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No senior Equifax executives were fired over the attack – instead the CEO, CSO and CIO were all allowed to retire with multi-million dollar golden parachutes.