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"Mufugg bitch ass bitch my goddamn arm is all the fuckin way out, you tellin me a big blaq beatiful indepennen woman cayn use face unlock? das like... anti semitism or some bitch ass shit"

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that's because there facial structure is closer to that of a gorilla, and this is blatant biological fact that code cant get around.

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This makes me laugh, but on a serious note; I am curious if the inherit skill the AI has at recognizing white male faces was on point and the focus of its (((developers)))

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What's the problem?

  1. big fat nigger lips? check

  2. Flat nose? check

  3. stupid expression? check

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https://archive.fo/Ge57W :

Facial recognition software easily IDs white men, but error rates soar for black women • The Register

'The results report error rates of 0.3 per cent for white males, 7.1 per cent for white females, 12 per cent for black males and 34.7 per for black females. '

'The error rate for white males was 0.8 per cent and 0.7 per cent for black males, but for white women it was six per cent and 34.5 per cent for black women. '

'Figures worsened for darker skin: for black males the error rate hit six per cent and for black women it was 20.8 per cent. '

'Microsoft was perfect at identifying white males in the PPB dataset but scored 1.7 per cent for white females. '

'The paper found the worst error rate when identifying white males was only 0.8 per cent, a figure recorded by Face++. '

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