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Some day, when you don't make your toaster payment, this will show up at your door.


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https://archive.fo/8e3HN :

Boston Dynamics' SpotMini is now able to hold open doors | Daily Mail Online

"Boston Dynamics says it's the 'quietest robot we have built. 'In the last teaser video, Boston Dynamics appeared to be showing off a pair of 3D cameras that may power an autonomous navigation system, according to TechCrunch."

'Boston Dynamics first introduced the lightweight SpotMini robot in 2016, advertising that it could wash dishes, pick up trash and complete other tasks to help around the house. '

'Secretive robotics firm Boston Dynamics has posted a new video showing off its creepy SpotMini robo-canine, where he can be seen opening a door all on his own. ', "Boston Dynamics, best known for Atlas, its 5 foot 9 humanoid robot, has revealed a new 'lightweight' version of its robot Spot Mini."

'The SpotMini is seen holding open the door as his fellow robo-dog friend then casually walks through the door. '

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