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unfortunately we have no control of what other people post about us on facebook, my parents do it all the time, they know i don't like that shit but they do it anyway, same with other family.

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lol, that sux man. sorry!

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All of that information can be accessible to any government. Stalin doesn't have to rely on finks anymore. He has every newly designated crime against everyone that's ever been to facebook at his fingertips.

Don't have an account? Doesn't matter. Grandma and your coworker talked to you somewhere else or talked about you, and infected the information chain with your DNA. It wasn't illegal then but you're still guilty.

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It's amazing that people still even use Facebook. At this point, only the truly retarded or kids in elementary school have a reason to use such cucked "technology".

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"But How can I talk to friends and family without facebook?" /s

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I was one of the first 100k to join and worked for them briefly through an agency. I closed my account as soon as I saw their roadmap. Luckily this was back in 2007 before they started keeping all data permenantly. They actually have physical hard copies of everyone's data, incrementally backed-up onto proprietary Blu-ray disks. They've made it impossible to ever erase an individual's data due to deliberate entanglement. A court can't even order specific data be distroyed.

Make no mistake, we're headed for 1984 folks. GET OFF OF FACEBOOK!

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this was back in 2007 before they started keeping all data permenantly.

Why have I never heard this before!? What was the first year they kept?

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I heard about the Blu-ray storage system on the grapevine. I'd deleted long before that.

They're extremely sly on privacy. Every time they did a policy change they'd reset your customisations.

It has to be coming top down from Zuck "they trust me, dumb fucks" Fecesbooker.

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Dunno. I left before it began. Info is probably protected under NDAs. Blu-ray cold storage didn't start until late 2013, but that's public knowledge.

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What is facebook?

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I took a good look at this photo for hours. I reverse searched it and to no degree can I not tell the difference between gloogle twatter fakebook it all looks the same. Hell I'd rather drink out of this rather than accept a bottle of water from a jew.

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It's that thing that "cool mom's" use to show pictures of there feet with an ocean in the background from there once a year vacation to Beaches Resort. There kids used to use it but with an even lower attention span than a gold fish they've moved on to other social media platforms that require near zero attention span.

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It's a way of life where you spend your day uploading everything you do. Your social interaction with people allows you to isolate yourself and still maintain the illusion you have friends by liking everything people post. You upload every picture and video you take and you like everything people post. This helps a jew collect more federal reserve notes while also making goyim work harder because these notes are then used to bring muslims into our culture who then require more federal reserve notes to house and feed them.

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Thanks, gonna share on FB for da Likes!!!

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Something about "if you're not paying for it, you're the product."

There isn't a good system in place for ad free internet (even most ad blockers are free and need to make money somehow).

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Nothing is ever “free”. In this case, the currency is ... well... you.

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Voat is still free, just ask @Puttitout

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