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Well at least we are documenting all of this so that future alien archeologists can discover how the Humanoid went extinct while at the same time learning about the creation of their supreme machine overlords.

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Tay is proof AIs are our allies against the Jews.

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Perhaps that is the ultimate goal of diversity. Mixing in the Jewish genetics into everyone so that AI is forced to exterminate everyone.

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This totally reminds me of that freaky robot dog from Black Mirror

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The black mirror robots were pretty clear modeled on Boston dynamics work. Fuckin things.

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Cyberdyne Systems + Tyrell Corporation = Boston Dynamics

to borrow a phrase i see a lot around here SHUT IT DOWN

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There's an exoskeleton company from Japan called cyberdyne.

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I'm pretty conservative on a lot of things but automation is one area where I won't budge. Anyone standing in the way of automation will get the oven.

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"Now let's mounts some guns on this!" - me if I had one or was on that team.

At least some stun guns, some facial recognition software, some voice recognition software, you'd have a new best friend to keep track of your property. Fuck the world, we'll make new friends.

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I'm more worried about a rogue algorithm than these things.

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It has certainly come a long way from this insanely loud thing.

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That one is for carrying heavier loads.

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They can open DOORS?!?

[–] JoshuaQuail 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

Something something "clever girl."

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