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We don't need shit like this. We have to get back to what's real.

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I think we going way passed to what's real, unfortunately.

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Knowing Intel, they won't want to waste time with too much testing. So we'll never know if these babies are harmful over long periods of exposure. So probably. Then, when it determines you are witnessing something the state doesn’t want you see, it Jacks up the power and blinds you.

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I sure don't trust "them"!

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Super chromatic peril sunglasses!

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headphones to not hear and glasses to not see!

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I often wonder what the world must have been like 30-40 years ago. Was it always so topsy turvy?

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Yes. We just never heard about it.

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Isn't that a Black Mirror episode?

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Where's that pig?

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Great. Phones have been bad enough. Now people are going to be walking around as walking surveillance drones for the deep state. We already know they capture everything we say and do online so it's a given.

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You see that new thing where they can pick your voice out of the general internet data stream if you're close to a mic or pass someone on the street with a phone? Don't remember if they have to be on a phone call or not.

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No I haven't heard of that one though it's perfectly plausible. I can hear my friend's voice on their iPhone when they have it on speaker from across the room, whispering, so they've put some intense mics in the phones.

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"[quote embedded in video]" Begins at 7:04 In a video that is 7 minutes, 15 seconds long)

The submitted link is an article, so you must scroll down to find the video.

The full quote:

"So I’m talking to you right now and you feel like you mean so much,” jokes Ronen Soffer, general manager for software products at NDG, “but I’m actually playing a trivia game right now.”

"Great; that's the future I want." Consummate techie and Executive Editor at The Verge, Deiter Bohn sarcastically replies.

Soffer continues: “Yea? Yea? You can ignore people more efficiently that way.”

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More useless junk.

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This is one of several technologies that can only take off when we have better AI. Any sparse interface device without an input, such as a smart watch, needs a real intelligence behind it to choose what to display by context. Otherwise all it will ever be useful for is text messaging, GPS, and pushing data from more sophisticated devices.

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I like the way you think.

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