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The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

In this case, both Muslim extremists and Facebook globalists both considers their no 1 enemy is christian white male.

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Muslim extremists

The Department of Redundancy Dept. is calling.

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We are living in some pretty fucking insane times. Fuckin jews we see you loud and clear.

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Fuckerberg supports jihad invasion!?

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Guarantee it was for some kind of surveillance.

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That would be the benefit of the doubt. I'm past that. Even if it's so, while they're surveying, 40 muslims hook up with bomb makers.

They're taking down conservatives and Christian groups at the same time. All their actions point to them being enemies of the Republic. At some point you have to admit that the guy kicking you isn't doing it for your own good.

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Luckily most software engineers don't own guns or work out.

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Yep, same way they operate child sex rings, and run drugs and guns for decades. "Surveillance" .

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It was already laid out in early echelon programs that phone companies couldn't cancel the service of people under surveillance. Mob guys got smart and got landlines in their names then went on not paying the bill. Sure enough the telcos wouldn't disconnect them. Hackers and coke dealers also learned this trick even with some early pay as you go cell phones. I'd imagine social media wouldn't be any different.

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They're partners. They hate us.

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This is because the staff at FB are so rabidly anti-Christian and anti Israel they will happily support an extremist Islamic terrorist regardless of the facts.

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FB and Google have been in the news for wrong reasons. Recently Google was fined by Competition Council of India for unfair and biased search results.

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Certain groups want certain groups to look bad. They pay people to post this crap so people think that ISIL people are bad and that is the message that the people that paid this idiot want to convey. The rest of the muslims get grouped into being like this one nutjob that was paid to look like a nut.

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Partially true

It's rare to find a muslim not contaminated by some form of niggerism in the west, it does exist of course, there are always exceptions, and when it's not bordering on niggerism it's bordering on some sort of ethno messianic trip, it's often salafist leaning or thug leaning for the 20 / 30 something generation, both being non exclusive, and it's hardly a new trend, people old enough to contemplate things 20 years in hindsight saw this coming, it's not really a surprise

And when I'm refering to muslims in the west I'm mostly refering to muslims from north african extraction, from netherland to spain, france included

Germany has a turkish specificity but not a monopoly on it, netherland and france also have a turkish side, same deal for UK, they have a pakistanese specificity, and I believe (not sure) that for sweden it's somalis


Yes some powers in the west take advantage of islamic militancy/play with fire, to achieve geopolitical goals mostly, but at the same time militants pulling the triggers aren't eskimos, the bulk of militants are street thugs gone islam business via carceral networks most of the time (when it comes to islamic militancy and conversion on western soil, rapefugees aside)

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Brown goys are less of threat