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Who cares at this point, obviously they won't be held accountable.

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You mean more than every single adult in the US?

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so you would guess they stole everyone's credit info, such as ssn, account numbers, address history, etc.

i know equifax sells a service where they ask businesses to put equifax code on their website, and equifax can follow a user from site to site across the web and "personalize" ads or whatever. i bet the hack also stole this data, so they know not only your name, credit card number, etc, but also that, for example, you bank on suntrust.com, usually at 10am and 7 pm on weekdays, that you have an account balance between 10-20k, your savings are at schwab.com, your facebook profile, your device IDs, basically everything. if they were so bold, the hackers could have altered the equifax hosted scripts websites run to further capture your passwords, usernames, exact account balances, browser history, etc

also, because of regulation, equifax is only allowed to store certain data. could be revealed equifax stored more data than they are legally allowed

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As someone that has had my identity stolen I want to see these fucking worms hang.

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What did you have to do to fix it?

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There's very little you can do. My funds got locked for 2 months, almost got evicted. I had to go to the police, who were not only completely unhelpful but also insulting, unprofessional and offensive. That basically cleared my guilt in the banks opinion, even though neither actually did anything about it. I called the banks security/fraud department multiple times asking about the 'investigation' those incompetent gooks were doing, they never had anything helpful to say even though it was one of their tellers who completely fucked protocol and let someone know a bunch of information in my account resulting in them making a fake license with my info and their picture on it. They cashed a few cheques for a few thousand using my account. And ALL the footage relating to this individual/my case got deleted because these fucking retards are too dumb to save crime evidence. It's TD Canada Trust, btw. the bank that's endlessly promoting tranny bullshit and "inspiring black voices". I'm tempted to commit fraud myself since they're clearly so useless.

All you can really do is lock down your credit, put notices on your accounts. Those worthless fucking faggots Equifax charge you to put a warning on your account, and they require you to update your phone number so it's not even worth doing because some goof you owed $20 to 6 years ago starts calling.

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