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It's so crazy that the media tries to make this out to be a bad thing.


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I agree, NPR is currently reporting that these tariffs are having a negative impact on solar panel installation jobs. They provide no evidence of this, they say they can't provide any stats because it will happen after some time passes. They had nothing positive to say about it, they didn't even mention that the tariffs are bringing back solar panel manufacturing jobs back to America.


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I was listening to NPR chase their tail and try to make this a bad thing. Was funny how they can just 180 on topics from a year ago.


[–] mrtoker 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago  (edited ago)

A local company in my area is saying now projects won't be made because the panels costs too much. The problem with the US industry is that it is based on home installation. PV panels on homes is the least efficient way to increase solar output. Also there is a high chance you won't really recoup the investment you make even with the tax credit. I know a guy with a 40k system he paid up front. He still gets an electric bill.

Even with an 80% cut in PV panel costs why hasn't solar adoption increase all that much? The cost to set up a home system is virtually the same as it ever was 20 to 40k.