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How about NO immigration?

We've been flooded with shitskins, why are we even entertaining the idea of ANY immigration? No. The ones here need to go the fuck home before we let ANYONE in, legally or illegally.

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Until there are documented widespread increases in wages in specific fields of say 50%, immigration needs to be shut down.

It's simple. Employers use immigrants to increase the supply of labor and drive down wages.

They've been using this since the 1970s. Take a good look at this graph. See how wages were going up until about 1974. The great fucking of the American worker started after that and continues to this day.


Corporate profits increased every year since 1974 at accelerating rates, but the corporations didn't have to share any of the gains from productivity increases with workers because of immigration and offshoring.

Immigration is one of the big reasons young people can't find decent jobs, and when they do find them they can't make enough to buy a house and raise a family.

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Use one of the suggested imagehosts, please. Linking directly to kikepedia is cancer.

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I'm a millennial, and I agree with your overall viewpoint. I want to halt ALL immigration for a few years, and adjust the tax rates, adjust the government subsides, military spending, and corporate welfare (if you work full time 40 hours a week you deserve a living wage and should not be entitled to welfare, that shit is basically welfare for McDonalds and Walmart!).

Once we see signs that the middle class is actually growing, fine, let's start TALKING about bringing more people in here. What makes this place special is the resources, wealth, and opportunity, and unless you are a native american, you family probably came here uneducated without much of anything, yet here you are, productive, educated, and contributing.

I think your viewpoint would be more tolerable if you weren't a racist cunt.

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you deserve a living wage

You deserve nothing. If a 40hr job doesnt pay enough, stop doing that job and find a better paying job. If you cant find a better job, youre an unskilled nigger and you cant demand a higher pay.

How much you work is irrelevant. Counting working hours is stupid marxist thinking. The only measure that counts is how much you produce. If you produce little during all those hours, you cant demand a higher pay for worthless effort. If you cant make money doing something, you have to stop doing it, not simply demand more money for the same worthless work. No sane employer is going to pay more than you produce.

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I think your viewpoint would be more tolerable if you weren't a racist cunt.

Trying NOT to be a racist is the stupidest shit ever conceived. EVERYONE is a racist, whether they admit it or not.

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Good. It makes sense...only bring in people that can contribute to America.

Start deporting the illegals and stop granting H1Bs too

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Can we deport dumb white people too? If so I'm totally game. Like, if anyone who still believes global warming isn't a thing when it's raining in january and I can't ride my god damn snowmobile, yeah, fuck them, kick them out, I don't want them in the gene pool of our country.

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Can we deport dumb white people too?

You dont have to deport them. Just dont let them vote, stop paying welfare to them, and over time their numbers will go down.

Just dont let them vote, or the first thing they will vote for is to increase your taxes and their welfare.

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I am personally a fan of removing warning labels and letting Mr. Darwin sort it out. But if they are mudsharks, let them go to shithole countries. It would raise the IQ of both countries.

With that said, while I believe that global warming/climate change is real, using individual local weather conditions are not a good indicator of long term averages

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If we had merit based immigration, we wouldn't need H1B visas. That's why the globalists are against it. Notice how all the death threats and race baiting on this thread are from Voat moderators? I'm sure it's just a coincidence.

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Since when do politicians give a single shit about what the American people want? They only care about what their donors want.

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I don’t give a fuck what 85% of niggers want. They can fuck off back to Africa- every single last one of them. There will come a day when there will be nowhere for them to hide here for fear of being lynched and lit on fire as an example.

You, @dfens will be first.

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I think you’re missing the point - that even Hillary voting Demo moron libtard niggers don’t want the sand nigger/street shitter invasion that we’ve had.

Of course, it’s no surprise that the nigger leftards probably didn’t even know or understand what their globalist elected leaders were planning, but still, it seems that even niggers are waking up.

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NO. An education track is the only track. Potential immigrants must be able to complete a degree in four years and must have a job in the field in less than 6 months after they graduate (or prison until they do), the job must be here in the US, and it must be profitable (meaning reasonable income).

  • If they cannot read English, that automatically weeds them out (which is no different from current citizenship requirements).
  • They will need to be able to speak english (again, no different).
  • They will need to show that they can be productive and not a drain on society. (again, no different)

An education track addresses all of these problems and removes the need for work visas.

[–] Dfens [S] 8 points 2 points (+10|-8) ago 

Uh, sounds merit based to me.

[–] totes_magotes 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago  (edited ago)

No, merit based is how well you do. This requires an education and just a passing grade and job acquisition.

And even if this is merit based (which it's not), then "merit based" would not necessarily require an education track while an education track absolutely would. "A is a subset of B"... come on man, this is simple logic that I should expect anyone at random to understand.

If this shit is merit based, then today's standard requirements are merit based since you have to show income, speak English, read English, etc.

But it just sounds like you want to lower the bar, let anyone in. Just like the other fake americans.

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Go back to reddit, you kike-rat shill. Your faggotry doesn't work here.

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Where do you get the idea that the ability to read and speak English is part of the current citizenship requirements?

hint: it's not.

When I went through the naturalization process I remember the day of the interview, where I was quite shocked to see other applicants relying on translators to answer the questions for them - seriously : folks who were supposed to have spent at least five years in the country as permanent residents and weren't able to pick up the language in that time - and from what I understand, many didn't bother preparing for the civic exam either (from what I gathered from the dude who conducted my interview and noted how well prepared I was, apparently not that common...)

By the way, I agree that it should be a requirement, at the very least. Heck, when I visit a country - even for a short touristic stay - I do make the effort of learning how to say the equivalent of 'hello' and 'thank you' - which already puts me way ahead of most of these immigrants.

ps and if you mean that having some degree - from sh*hole countries - means shit, you are somewhat naive.

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Where do you get the idea that the ability to read and speak English is part of the current citizenship requirements?

Right fucking here: https://www.uscis.gov/citizenship/educators/naturalization-information

If you see someone in the US who cannot speak English and they're doing things that very clearly says that they are a citizen, report them to ICE. If what you say is true, then the US didn't do it's job and they would be deported or at least wrung through a wringer for faking, lying, bribing, whatever on the naturalization process. Heads will roll.

ps and if you mean that having some degree

Did I say "have a degree"? No, I said go through a 4 year degree program. As in "I don't give a shit if you have the equivalent of 16 master's degrees, you go through another 4 year degree. Period."

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Sounds like they'll likely take less pay, which means Timmy McMiddleClass Whitebread is fucked.

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Did you think that the education would be free? Fuck no. The immigrants have to pay for it. And a place to live. At the same time. That means that only the best come in. These will be people making more than generic middle class incomes.

All the poor immigrants, gone.

All the middle class immigrants, gone.

Almost no immigrants would be able to afford this, immigration drastically down.

We look like we promote education, win.

We get no more deadbeat immigrants, win.

Delays naturalization for at least 4.5 years, win.

Less jobs of all ranges going to immigrants, win.

I don't see a problem here.

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What we really need is a meritocracy as a political system...every politician and political appointee should be scrutinized, up to and including a state-of-the-art polygraph examination, to make sure we have the best people working for us. What we have now is more akin to a kakistocracy.

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It's been 52 years of this bullshit. You can't even talk to your neighbors because they don't speak the same language. Native children are minorities in the schools. 52% of immigrants take public assistance. Commit crime disproportionate to white people. Even worse, we've drained the world of its most intelligent people who can't lead their country if they're leading a business here. The United States is a project of dysgenics on a world scale.

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Poor Americans are the ones hurt the most by uncontrolled immigration. The immigrants dispossess citizens from low wage jobs by undercutting the wage by working under the table. They additionally strain social welfare programs with the burden of significant additional recipients that are not accounted for when budgets are passed. Every aspect of life for a poor American is made more difficult by illegal immigration.

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