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You must name the Jew.

I'd like to see some kind of data that indicates naming the jew is ready for prime time. Saying that, because I suspect it's such a "conspiracy theory" for most people that the effects might be hugely negative.

  • Train travel is impossible, as no one could breath at those speeds.

  • Nuclear weapons don't exist.

  • Humans have never been in space, much less on the moon.

  • Lizard People aka “Reptilians” are secretly behind all governments.

  • The government puts chemicals into airline fuel to create Chemtrails to control the population.

  • Marijuana is banned because it's a miracle cure.

Since there are people on voat who literally believe some of these, choose the "least credible/most crazy" one to you. What would you think of the person who tried to convince you it was true? Many people have been conditioned their whole lives to believe the jews need special protection from "anti-semites". Claiming to be the boogieman they've always been told about doesn't seem super likely to change their minds.

I'm all for naming them to the general public, if it would work. What data or evidence suggests that would be the case?