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Opera is owned by the People's Republic of China, fyi.

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Pale-moon, spend some time getting script-blockers and other stuff, lock it down, and then don't be stupid on the internet.

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Pale Moon is a good option for my PC, but what about for my Mac? Pale Moon isn't ready for Mac yet. How does Waterfox compare?

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I haven't used my mac as a mac in a longtime, so sorry can't help you there.

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Waterfox is fine by me I suggest just running TempleOS for all your needs however

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Netscape is the best. I am still awaiting for somebody intelligent to put it back on the trail.

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No one is to be trusted so use whatever you want and take any step you can to protect your information. Unless you're encrypted end to end over an outside network, your information can be intercepted, data injected or read at some point. So, fuck it.

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Brave is great for phone browsing since it has a blocker built in. On PC, Brave doesn't have the same addons as other browsers yet.

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loved pale moon in linux but in windows i cant play hd on youtube and other weird shit. i want a new browser too OP. brave was a shithole i tried it exclusively for two weeks and said never again

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I agree with you, Google is untrustworthy. However, I'll keep using chrome till finding better alternative. All browsers will collect your data as long as you can use them for "free". Why they will keep developing and maintaining the browser if they don't get any revenue?? Till the moment, there is no any browser that can compete it in speed and its addons.

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Waterfox/Palemoon is an alternative for addons

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If a browser charged $10 up front to download the binary file, was open source and had no other issues I would purchase a browser.

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