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As the Cantonese guy in the local Chinese food restaurant would say, "Guailo so stupid." Round them up and gas them? Not likely. Homos will be made useful to the CCP, or useful idiots will be used to violently purge them. More likely than not, the Chinese bought grindr to help provide them with intel on western politicians who are closeted about their homosexuality. Honestly, this is an absolutely brilliant move. They've probably got blackmail information on every politician in a western country that grindr operates in with one fell swoop.

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Oh tendies its so cute how stupid you are.

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He's in the closet, every other post is faggot this faggot that.... Just like the Jews want lol

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Isn't it? What did they ever do to OP?

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That could be used for intelligence collection via blackmail. We really should regulate foreign access to rich data pools like that.

Last I heard, China has no lack of people, so I don't see theif goverment worrying about the overall level of homosexuality amongst their citizens.

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Posted from the closet you're stuck in? I am gay and I don't care about "the gays" as much as you do.

Would be nice if grindr shut down though. Slut city. People should make friends, date, live in the real world, and get married. Not meet strangers for impersonal sex via the internet.

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Fuck you

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What is assured is that – unlike in a democracy — if the Chinese government demands this kind of data from Chinese companies, the companies have little recourse but to comply.

Pull the other one, it's got bells on.

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Huh, (((they’re))) so confident they’re cashing out? Must have “backdoors” into the system.