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Thanks, this is really useful!

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Hey just saw this post and made an account to reply. If you're a Linux user I have a scraper script that can do this too, albeit it's a bit slow if you're following a massive number of channels. It's a bit of a hodgepodge at the moment, but it works. Currently in the process of reworking it around an HTML parser, haven't applied the updates yet. Let me know if there's questions. It should function similar to old DOS applications and I tried making the readme concise.

Link: https://gitlab.com/EMH-Mark-I/ytscrape

Edit: There's also a function to open the videos in your browser which will automatically open the video in hooktube since that's something you guys here like.

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Newpipe on android works well for subscribing to channels without having an account, plus it's available on f-droid so you don't need to use Google play.

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Use NewPipe if you are Android if you have stripped down Google out of it.

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Awesome, that solution takes it to another level. I'd love a browser extension or website that does something similar.

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MinTube works really well too.

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Thanks. I'll check it out.

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Firefox users can use Youtube Checker to monitor youtube channels for new videos.

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you can download blocked videos via https://keepvid.com

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Go on Dtube?

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I just don't sign in?

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Did you read the whole post or just the title?
OP is telling people essentially how to subscribe to a channel without an account.

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I'll be honest, I read the title and skimmed the middle. Was multitasking.

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