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Many versions ago, when you closed firefox with multiple tabs open, it would ask if you wanted to save your tabs, and re-open them the next time you opened the browser. In their infinite wisdom they decided you don't need this extremely useful feature. To re-enable it make sure these three keys are set True:


to stop it hidding protocols like you're some kind of easily-confused idiot:

browser.urlbar.trimURLs = false

to stop it making everything but the domain harder to read "to help you read the domain":

browser.urlbar.formatting.enabled = false

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It's like this browser was made by a bunch of women sitting around in a room trying to decide how to make themselves look smart.

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I actually just went into the settings and chose to save tabs. it's right in there, it does get pretty annoying at times when you're used to them closing though. General settings, When FireFox Starts is what you're looking for.

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Thanks man, I was wondering why the fuck that feature got removed from even non ff browsers like waterfox. This solves it.

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That's a quality link. Pretty sure I've got all those already, but having 'em gathered in one place will help anytime I set up a new (legacy) firefox install. Need to doublecheck which ones are needed/apply to Pale Moon.

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See also the links in the comments - as they suggest there are more up-to-date things to include.

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But I use those things. WebRTC is for chat sites, poker sites (all kinds of sites in fact.) WebSockets are used by browser games. I don't want to turn these things off.

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WebRTC can expose your real IP while using a VPN. If you're not using a VPN or not worried about that then that's fine, but just be aware of the security hole.

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Thank you for explaining.

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Then my suggestion would be to, you know, skip those steps.

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Right. I'm just pointing out that a lot of these things are just the newer web features. Even if they can be misused they aren't firefox spy bullshit, anymore than cookies are. Remember all the hysteria over cookies years ago?

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Thank you for sharing this. It's getting tough to remember 'em all, even saw a few I didn't know about.

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Like that one comment says on that page, an easier and updated way to do this is to go here and set up the user.js file like it explains: https://github.com/pyllyukko/user.js

That page goes in to more detail and you can update the user.js file by using the instructions on that same page..

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I swear my browser is WAY faster too.

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Yeah, this is really good! I just changed a couple of things and now it's perfect for me.

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Delete that bullshit. Why do you still have firefox?

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so you use chrome, edge explorer or safari?

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Brave. Safari = cognitive defective mac user. Chrome = I don't care about privacy. At All. Only reason I use IE is if a work web site requires it.

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Vivaldi. Brave. Waterfox. Palemoon. Even Chromium is better. You don't have to eat a shit sandwich just because someone puts it in front of you.

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This reminds me of a time when people disabled Javascript and demanded all websites work without it. Today those same people are apparently disabling Websockets, WebRTC and so on. Sorry, but a lot of websites aren't going to work.

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yeesh every time they update that shit it leaks more and more memory. i hate chrome (and it is also a bit of a seive) but i cant fucking stand running the laptop at night trying to read things and having my fans randomly ramp up and down while available memory drops through the fucking floor and the machine runs harder and harder just for goddamn text and pics.

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every time they update that shit it leaks more and more identifiable information

The facebook approach to doing business

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What’s your thoughts on waterfox?? I just downloaded it the other day off of a recommendation from a friend, but it’s slow as hell. Think it’ll get better? I know zilch about computers sorry

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Waterfox is a solid drop-in alternative to the version 57 chromification nobody asked for. You have to watch out for addon updates- the most recent version of things like ABP, greasemonkey and others remove a lot of functionality/usability that webx doesn't support, even in the XUL version.

It's been totally stable for me so far despite my rather heavy addons.

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They're based on the Firefox source code and, as such, don't get security updates as quickly and have fewer people looking at them for bugs or people adding new features/polishing features. But, if it works for you.

I actually use Opera quite a bit.

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I actually use Opera quite a bit

I take it you're from China then. Not that that's a bad thing, but software and hardware coming out of your country is botware. All of it.

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I can let Waterfox auto-update because they aren't going to randomly cripple the browser, add weird insecure features nobody asked for, or scramble the GUI for no reason.

I've gone over a year without updating firefox before and turning off updates is the first thing I do when installing it, because they do shit like that all the fucking time.

Which is a more secure environment?

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Stable? I ONLY use Firefox for like 4/5 addons. Once someone ports them to another browser I’m done with Firefox. I’ll have to check out opera tho

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