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Well guys... guess I’m Amish now.

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They were right. They were right all along.

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And the Unabomber.

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Same. I'm quitting the world. Down to an old tablet and a phone. Not looking to upgrade.

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Thank you. I asked for this a week ago and no one had it. The information was not available at the time, as far as I can tell. Tagging @VoatIsForTimmy as the claim that "Core2 is okay." looks to be confirmed.

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Keep in mind that this is very misleading. The claim that modern AMD processors are affected by Spectre is a bit dubious. Nobody has been able to create a successful attack using Spectre against modern AMD cpus... so while they may be vulnerable in theory it's far from a security threat. It may not even be possible to use Spectre to produce an effective exploit and it will be very possible to protect against it in software.

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Jesus Christ, I think it would’ve been faster to state the CPU’s that AREN’T effected.
That’s not even a shitty joke, I’m being serious, I really think it would have been faster.

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It's still better than previously. I was genuinely worried for my dual PIII server, and now I know my old Core2Duo laptop is for sure the safest thing I own. Also, notably, there's a bunch of cheap unaffected 1U servers on eBay right now that got put up because of the panic.

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Just about anything made since the Pentium Pro should be affected. Even SPARC and PowerPC. Not sure about Itanium. This is far from a complete list, and only represents the chips that have actually been tested by a small group of people.

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I hope this absolutely rapes intel's sales and they have to once again reasonably price their CPUs.

Now make a scandal with DDR4 so those fat niggers stop price fixing too.

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OK, so I'm not much of a conspiracy theorist. So, when I bring up a conspiracy theory something is fucked up.

We have 3 completely different companies which before 2011 neither had this problem. Then all of a sudden, three completely unrelated architectures suddenly are all affected by the same security flaw. I can't imagine how that could happen without some kind of central authority to influence directing this security "feature" into existence.

If it's just one architecture with the bug, I can understand, but all 3 big major architectures all of a sudden having the same security flaws at the same time? No. Sorry, I'm not saying anything about lizard people, the illuminati, or aliens. But, I can't be too crazy to suspect some kind of conspiracy here.

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These security flaws have existed for a while, but they have only been recently brought to light.

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Yeah, that's what I'm saying. As noted in the article, we can trace back the time when these security flaws began to be engineered and they all converge at 2011. 3 separate architectures suddenly having the same security flaw at the same time? This wasn't just incompetence. I can understand one architecture being found out to have a major security flaw. That's not necessarily a conspiracy, just incompetence. But all 3 at the same time? Something is up with that.

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2011? The problem has been around since the 1990s, when speculative execution went mainstream.

Obviously there is no conspiracy because AMD did great work avoiding the problem and almost succeeded.

Meltdown and Spectre are only the latest fiascos resulting from timing side channels. This type of problem has historically been quite difficult for people to understand and avoid. There are many devious ways to use timing information to breach secrecy.

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Obviously there is no conspiracy

I hope you are right dude, because I cringe at the thought of being a conspiretard.

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intel owes me a new laptop

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Yep... And you can get it for $2300. New laptops with security measures are at a premium today. Seems everyone wants one now. Hrmmm I wonder why. Good product I guess. In demand they say.

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Not even close to a complete list.

I still run intel CPUs from before 2008. And while I am aware that they are all effected, I was hoping to relive the memories of old CPU lists.

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I thought AMD was unaffected. I was wrong. My CPU is on the list.

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AMD is unaffected by Meltdown which is the vastly more serious security concern. They are still affected by variant one of spectre, but that has been patched without issue.

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AMD CPUs are only affected by Variant 1 of the speculative execution CPU bug. Colloquially, many people refer to this as Spectre 1.

Spectre 1 is the less serious of the two bugs and has already been patched in most operating systems. Meltdown is the more serious bug that had the big performance scare.

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