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Yes, from experience there are a good 5 trans people at one of the mid sized offices. 5 trans people for a 1000 person office, when the trans proportion of the population is what? Certainly not 5%. I've also seen massive upticks in the number of lesbians and blacks. Most of the latter are africans, by the way, not african american.

They are hiring for demographics. I've personally interviewed Chinese women who couldn't tell me what recursion is despite a 'masters degree'. Several of them have been hired with 2 out of 5 across the board. Every single time they were female and non-white.

I have no problem working with blacks, transgendered people, etc. I have a big problem with hiring incompetent people because they fit a target demographic.


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5 trans people for a 1000 person office

Maybe you added a 0. But trans people are about 0.5% of the population. So 5 in a thpusand would actually be right.

Also figure the "trans trenders" that are doing it because its the cool thing to do.

Also the people that say they are trans so they can claim discrimination if they don't get hired.


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yikes, you are right. i thought it was 0.05% of the population, but I am seeing 0.6%. I wonder if that is legit, but let's assume so.

Still, how many of those trans people are in CS or EE programs? I've never seen one, despite teaching at a few different schools.


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Yep, the justification of affirmative action an quotas is how African Americans were treated, then they leave African Americans and hire a bunch of Africans and vaginas for that sole reason.