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I went to High School with this kid who was borderline mentally-retarded. He was never interested in IT or computers, as far as I could tell, and he ended up becoming expelled and didn't graduate High School for some really weird, fucked up shit. Turns out, years later, that he had gone through MTF transition, and had worked for Google for about 9 months. Obviously he was never qualified. He certainly didn't get hired for any qualifications, and he didn't leave with any other than the resume boost of having worked for Google. So now (I've referenced his LinkedIn) he's worked for six or seven top fortune 100 companies as a developer, and he hasn't developed shit on his own. I wouldn't care except the dude has made probably over a million dollars in 4 or 5 years, for doing nothing except cutting his dick off. I'm in IT, and it is absolutely infuriating knowing all the wonderful, talented developers that I do, who struggle to make ends meet, while this guy has his SJW stamp of approval and is out driving his Bentley around. It would almost make me jealous if it weren't for the knowledge that no amount of money will ever bring his manhood back. He'll never have a family, he'll never be truly happy. However, like I stated, it is still infuriating that they'll pass over truly talented people to hire those who make their workplace more "colorful".

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was autistic

Does that ever really leave you?