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Hiring quotas are illegal and he will be able to get traction with that in the US. Your political views are not protected by US labor laws, so he will get no where with that.

If he can show that qualified white males were turned down for the position solely due to their race, he's good. I hope he can pull that one off.

If by some miracle he gets traction with political, it would need to go to the Supreme Court and it would actually be nice to see that changed. Keep in mind it would also mean you couldn't fire that Clintonista with Moving Forward logos all over his cube or not hire a person specifically for being a clinton fan. It would go both ways.

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You can look at how many women they have in tech and how many blacks they have in tech compared to relevant degrees issued to each group. Google has far higher of these "diversity" groups than those that are qualified in the work force. It's basically using the left's tactics against them to figure their own racism and sexism.

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Yes, from experience there are a good 5 trans people at one of the mid sized offices. 5 trans people for a 1000 person office, when the trans proportion of the population is what? Certainly not 5%. I've also seen massive upticks in the number of lesbians and blacks. Most of the latter are africans, by the way, not african american.

They are hiring for demographics. I've personally interviewed Chinese women who couldn't tell me what recursion is despite a 'masters degree'. Several of them have been hired with 2 out of 5 across the board. Every single time they were female and non-white.

I have no problem working with blacks, transgendered people, etc. I have a big problem with hiring incompetent people because they fit a target demographic.

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I went to High School with this kid who was borderline mentally-retarded. He was never interested in IT or computers, as far as I could tell, and he ended up becoming expelled and didn't graduate High School for some really weird, fucked up shit. Turns out, years later, that he had gone through MTF transition, and had worked for Google for about 9 months. Obviously he was never qualified. He certainly didn't get hired for any qualifications, and he didn't leave with any other than the resume boost of having worked for Google. So now (I've referenced his LinkedIn) he's worked for six or seven top fortune 100 companies as a developer, and he hasn't developed shit on his own. I wouldn't care except the dude has made probably over a million dollars in 4 or 5 years, for doing nothing except cutting his dick off. I'm in IT, and it is absolutely infuriating knowing all the wonderful, talented developers that I do, who struggle to make ends meet, while this guy has his SJW stamp of approval and is out driving his Bentley around. It would almost make me jealous if it weren't for the knowledge that no amount of money will ever bring his manhood back. He'll never have a family, he'll never be truly happy. However, like I stated, it is still infuriating that they'll pass over truly talented people to hire those who make their workplace more "colorful".

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The funny thing is that google is simultaneously getting sued for discrimination against women for unequal pay. Play stupid games (identity politics), win stupid prizes.

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Google has so many employees. Most of these big companies have a fuckton of employee doing barely any work that matters.

The heavy lifting always go to the traditional white male nerds.

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qualified white males were turned down for the position solely due to their race

Isn't that exactly what Affirmative Action says should happen?

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No, you see, Affirmative Action states that you should use merit and credentials to hire someone, except you have to take into account race and gender, but you shouldnt use it to judge a person. I think Silicon Valley, the show, managed to capture it quire well

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If gender and race are protected against discrimination in the workplace having more people testify with examples like this could lead to a winning lawsuit.

…the “presence of Caucasians and males was mocked with ‘boos’ during companywide weekly meetings.”

I’m not sure I would have stuck around a company where people boo the fact that people like me work there. That will mess with your head.

Then there’s this:

In September, three female former Google employees filed a lawsuit against the company, saying it pays women at all levels of the company less than men, as well as assigns them lower job tiers with less opportunity for upward mobility.

Lawsuits are business as usual at a large company. I’m sure older companies aren’t surprised by any of this. They just pay the lawyers and continue doing business.

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The best part is this is the best possible environment for this lawsuit in a decade at least. If he takes it high enough he will encounter the right non cuck judge.

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What are the odds that the Clinton fan would be the best candidate for the job?

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The same as a Trump fan, a Trotsky fan or any other politician. If you hire someone based on their political views you are setting your company up to fail. Always hire on talent.

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Does the job involve being both intelligent and not a sociopath? Because it is 2018 bud, Clinton fans are one of those two things by now if they haven't figured it out I can't even imagine a job they'd be qualified to do.

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There's a reason it was considered bad taste to discuss politics and religion in formal settings and particularly at work.

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You can have political talks in formal settings for corporate giants, as long as you're talking about far left progressive crap.

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Google forced him to take diversity classes, went out of their way to ask him for feedback on them, and then fired him for writing up that feedback and sending it through proper channels.

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Jesus fucking Christ reading the comments and apparently liberals are still trying to use "snowflake" against conservatives. They're fucking using it wrong.

Give it 6 months and they'll start trying to call everyone soyboys.

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They retaliate like children misunderstanding words, looking for a fight. Leftists can't meme because they don't seek the truth. Similarly, they seek the offense rather than the truth in epithets applied to them, so they can't turn them around with any cleverness or maturity. Sad.

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They discriminate against white males in general. You can look at their breakdown of employees. They are far overrepresented by women and blacks than those that are actually qualified to hold their roles from the educational and experience standards they put forth in hiring. Actually, basically every tech company with a presence there probably can be sued for this. The very large one I worked with was extremely biased in reviews towards women, especially minority women, that constantly produced horrid work. Always gave them perfect reviews no matter how much their shit work cost the company.

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Let the those cumpanies go bankrupt.

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They won't go bankrupt unless there's a competitor who isn't doing that.

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I'm not trying to take accomplishments from woman in STEM but you are guaranteed like 5 job offers by being a woman in stem.

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The ones I know that are competent and accomplished HATE this fucking bullshit "women in tech" perks. They are strong believers on making it by being equally or more capable than their male counterparts. Not getting pats on the back.

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Lol yeah, but its not as easy as it seems. I know good looking smart women who cant get as much openings due to confidence problems.

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Part of the trick is that the term 'white' includes middle easterners, jews, etc.

There is no way that white males, interpreted as being of european descent', are more numerous than Indians in my office. Nor Chinese. However, they add swarthy turks, jews and others to the 'white' category to make it sound like they are half full of scots or welsh.

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Here's a secret. Actually everyone with light skin, dont really care if you are persian or jew or light skinned indian or asians you are discriminated to some extent too (just not as much as the blond nordic male) compared to the poster "affirmative action" benefactor like women and blacks. Actually brown skins are treated slightly shittier than the darkest negros.

Your shade of color and gender determine your hierarchy in American society.

At the top is trannies, faggots, and the blackest sub saharans and far-left progressives and moslems. At the middle is women and brown and center-lefts. At the bottom is male and light skins and conservatives.

It's the kind of shit that drives people to the far left once you experienced the discrimination first hand (or know anyone who was)

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Here is what is really going on here.

Eric Schmidt, Vinod Khosla, Kleiner Perkins, Greylock VC, Jared Cohen, Larry Page (& his boyfriend), Elon Musk, Wilson Sonsini, and the Google Scum bribed Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, Kamala Harris, Jerry Brown and the California political Scum to rig government contracts to give them hundreds of billions of dollars of exclusive government grants, interest-free loans and government contracts. Now that Trump has come in and started cutting that corruption off, Google wants all Republicans killed.

The entire “Silicon Valley Hates Republicans” thing is really “Dirty Senators and Corrupt Tech Executives See Their Pig Trough Drying up”.

The owners of Google told HR to build an employment base of little Nazi brown shirts in order to rain troll attacks on the right.

Google is an organized crime operation. Cases like this can get to read Eric Schmidt’s and Larry Page’s secret email accounts and text messages. Then you will see what some of us already know about the sick STD’s that run Google!

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"The owners of Google told HR to build an employment base of little Nazi brown shirts crypto bolsheviks in order to rain troll attacks on the right."

Let's refrain a little bit from systematically taking anything third reich as example of everything that's wrong


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after posting a memo to an internal Google message board arguing that women may not be equally represented in tech because they are biologically less capable of engineering

It took less than the first sentence to get it wrong.

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agree, he did no such thing. His argument was that the ratio of males to females reflected preferences, not varying ability or the like.

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I am Julian Assange

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Me too

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Seriously? People like you a lot on this website.

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Yes, here to elucidate the hourglass.

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Now we need YouTubers of the conservative end to file a class action for discrimination for their demonization policies. Hell, one of the wealthier ones, Ben Shapiro, is even a lawyer. Get on that shit.

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PJW talks a lot about his demonetization woes, same as Crowder. It would work if they jumped in. Hell, PewDiePie talks about it too and he wields more power than he realises.

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Yea, I really wish Pewds would start weighing in on things more. At most he makes an occasional joke; but for a guy with Fuck You money hes pretty meek about it.

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