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It starts with the out of order execution on the Pentium Pro. Basically it's that pinnacle point where Intel destroyed the RISC market. IBM is the sole survivor because of their captive mainframe audience. It took SUN too long to figure out that chipzilla killed RISC in 1995.

Too bad there is a fundamental flaw that has been there for nearly 23 years now. How is that for an industry fuck up?


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standard fare.

the IT industry is an utter fucking joke that needs to be start to be held as accountable for its fuckups as every other manufacturing industry.

i dont remember holden ever blaming the shape of a drivers foot for their engines not working and asking them to sell the car back, upgrade their feet, then try again.

I dont remember SONY ever trying to sell me a tv only 2 channels and a promise that there would be a full 100 channel service in 2 years time.

I dont remember a builder ever getting away with going from state of the art architecture in a demo picture of a house he is going to build and sell for 1 million dollars, only for it to ultimately turn out to be a kids cardboard cubby house painted to look like the picture, and the fucker still selling it for a million then blaming the cost of the concrete being delivered.