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Welp. I'm turning auto updates off on Windows and adding nopti to my Linux command lines. They can take their 30% performance loss and shove it. I'm more worried about getting my money worth out of my hardware than this exploit when there are thousand other back doors out there

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I heard class action lawsuit payouts tend to be pretty small (per individual). It's the lawyers who make the money off those.


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Aw mr intel, thanks for the $250 voucher for the microsoft store...

but youre gonna need to pony up a lot more than that to make me legally whole.


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If you go down that path, then make sure that you don't have sensitive data on that computer.


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It's questionable if you should have had auto-updates on anyway. Although a lot of people think they're some panacea, they're far from it, and they make a dandy back door to your computer for Microsoft. Considering the spyware they crammed into Windows 10, this is a rather real concern.