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Restricting speech leads to restricting ideas and therefore restricted innovation — the most successful societies have generally been the most open ones. Usually mainstream ideas are right and heterodox ideas are wrong, but the true and unpopular ideas are what drive the world forward. Also, smart people tend to have an allergic reaction to the restriction of ideas, and I'm now seeing many of the smartest people I know move elsewhere.

That's rich coming from a reddit board member.

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I was going to say the same thing. But as a board member all he can do is voice dissent and try to vote out Reddit's problems. But it's even more likely that the problems he's described are exactly what he faces in the Reddit boardroom.

I'd say it's a spaz and that other retard's issue.

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Dude the reason calling racist isn't working is because people do it constantly. If you do the same shit about Jews all the time, how are you better?

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I think you can just stop at "People in Silicon Valley are losing their minds"

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Startups in silicon valley are bought and paid for from the beginning from venture capitalists and venture capitalists in california get their money from tax payers in the form of "pension investments". The tech industry in california is a fascist propped up scam.


The California Public Employees’ Retirement System says that venture capital was its worst-performing asset over the last five years, even as it pares back its investment in the space from 7 percent in 2012 to 5 percent now. The nation's largest pension fund, which manages about $303 billion...

5 percent of $303 Billion is $15.15 Billion.

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This goes against the anti-Jew narriative on Voat, but Sam Altman is Jewish.

Posting this took some courage, I know the SV crowd well.

He is not pozzed and that matters.

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Bottom line is that he made a valid point. Anything else is just ad hominem.

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The website probably 70% of SV reads are filled with little else. I can almost hear them spitting venomously.

Sam Altman may or may not realize it but coming out as a homosexual was probably a walk in the park in comparison (from an SV perspective) coming out with right wing ideas. Ideas that are not sufficiently left wing are of course right wing although this is quite the moving target.

These are the people who were convinced Donald Trump was the Second Coming of Adolf Hitler. The new Hitler with the Jewish son in law who declared Jerusalem the capital city of Israel.

If there exist no right wing comedians it's not for a lack of material.

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Not really. That the vast majority of Jewish people have nothing to do with any of the "jewcpiracy theories" does not prove them wrong per se. For example "the Jews control Hollywood" does not mean my Jewish neighbor has anything to do with it, just that the most powerful controlling force that determines the course of things in Hollywood is Jewish. There are powerful non Jewish forces in Hollywood, but they are not coordinated like the Jewish one.

However, the Jewish community at large has an affect on the controlling parties within Hollywood through shared destiny and group loyalty such that the controlling parties do what they perceive the group wants, and what they think will benefit them.

TL;DR A few Jews standing against their group's actions does not erase those actions.

Unrelated: It is an interesting thought experiment to apply the same thought process to the way blacks view whites. They also see whites as "in control" and then hold them responsible for all the problems they see. I'm not saying it is the same, just something to think about.

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I think we're on the same page. It's a subject we don't really have the language to describe properly, to discern the influence of networks and affects on individuals. The problem is network effects are easily dismissed as 'conspiracy theory' because it is soft, hard to measure. Now that we have the internet we can actually record human emotes, responses to events so it is abruptly possible to track what's going on. Before this many things we say today on Voat would have been brushed off as crazy talk. The revealed existence of SJWs is difficult to believe in without the Internet but they were always there.

The deep problem is that we aren't allowed to acknowledge that humans are the product of biology. I prefer to talk of ecology and humans, that seems to escape a lot of the taboos people have developed around the subject.

I suspect you're a programmer or an engineer or something similarly minded - I'd call multiculturalism, the problem of it, is that it is a leaky abstraction. People don't necessarily believe in it but they keep coming back to it because they don't have any other mental models which allow them to process what the fuck is going on.

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He is not pozzed

He pushes for UBI…

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Agreed that UBI is cancer, but I cannot help but respect that he, unlike every other piece of worthless socialist trash that pushes UBI on the Internets, actually puts his money where his mouth is by funding a pilot UBI program with his own money. He might be naive on certain questions of economics, but at least he is trying to provide some honest data to back up his misguided position.

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Like Kokansei just said, he is for empirical evidence searching on this topic. He's funding a pilot project to study the affects, side affects of UBI, but mostly to figure out how to generate reliable data.


The intention is then to create a long term study which will provide real data, also funded by Altman.

Were he attempting to pull the wool over people's eyes he'd be simply pumping money into advocacy programs since it's much easier to convince people using emotion than logic. He doesn't because he's not assuming he understands what's really going on which is the principal of the Royal Society and real scientists anywhere.

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Though they are certainly a small minority, there are in fact based Jews. I know a few personally. Anyone who claims "all Jews belong in the oven," "gas all kikes," etc. is just feeding a dumb D&C narrative at the expense of real progress.

Should we expose and ridicule Schlomo for his hypocrisy? Yes. Should we call out the "remembah the 6 gorillion" victim narrative? Yes. Should we call out the disproportionate representation of Jews in important social roles and the accompanying nepotism? YES.

Are all Jewish individuals bad people? I cannot answer yes to such a question in good conscience based on my personal experiences. Sorry, guys.

Now downvoat me, faggots.

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Are all Jewish individuals bad people? I cannot answer yes

The same applies to Muslims then. We have to let millions of them in, and only find out who the rare bad apples are after theyve blown themselves up together with hundreds of victims on our side.

based on my personal experiences.

You shuld read about the predictive differences between anecdotal evidence and statistical observations.

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I read his thing and honestly the dude is spot on about a lot of things in my opinion. Of course they are outraged because outrage.

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Screencap this for when all the tech companies move to Texas and Colorado in the next 3 years.

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Patreon is proof of this. They should have zero overhead, yet they are sinking under a 450mil valuation, offices that cost 17k per month, and a PR team that can't communicate with anyone without missing them off. SV culture in a nutshell

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You mean playing ping-pong and fagging out around a $3000 juice-maker isn't a good working environment?

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A $3000 juice maker? Who put this symbol of oppression here.

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