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Fuck people intercepting and rewriting your network traffic (also data mining it to understand your tastes in porn). Install HTTPS Everywhere on your browser to protect yourself, they can't edit what they can't see. Adding NoScript will help even more as you can disable all the JavaScript that's scraping your browser for your personal info. Or mining bitcoins.

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Your ISP should be nothing more than a dumb pipe. That's it. You should be allowed to run servers of various types, without needing to be a network engineer. They should add nothing and do nothing other than ensure QoS and uptime. Hell, I don't even want them to offer email, though I suppose they could offer those sorts of things in addition to the dumb pipe. Make things like notifications (such as this) optional - and opt-in. Hell, they can even upsell it to inept people.

Just sell me a connection and get out of my way. (That's what my ISP mostly seems to do. I've noticed no manipulation.)

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Your ISP should be nothing more than a dumb pipe.

Customers shouldn't tolerate anything more.

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Your ISP should be nothing more than a dumb pipe. That's it.

I admit I don't know enough about how the laws are currently written, but when I say that I support "net neutrality," this is what I mean. I want ISPs to either act like the protected carriers/"dumb pipes" that our legal system acts like they are.

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Your ISP should be nothing more than a dumb pipe

Net neutrality anyone?

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It's the fucking computer illiterate who install the software disk from their ISP.

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One thing that seems to be a constant everywhere you look, is stupidity ruining everything.

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What does that have to do with anything?

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Holy shit. Isn't that shit illegal? Fuck them with a cactus.

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Wait until Net Neutrality is fully killed.

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Yes, not only will they rewrite all your traffic like here, you'll find that all the sites you commonly use start to die off. Or rather, your access to them dies off. First they'll come for "extremist" sites, then they'll go for the next "bastion of hate" they can come up with and keep going. Maybe it'll be the imageboards, maybe your favorite torrent tracker, maybe it'll be Voat. Soon you find you're unable to express your opinion because the AIs are automatically censoring it and notifying your ISP on what "safe" slice of the Internet you're offered. Freedom of thought will begin to asphyxiate.

And then, when it's much too late, you realize you're Winston from 1984, and the Internet has become one giant vidscreen. Where it is not safe to express any opinion except that which is sanctioned by the authorities. Do not allow the Internet to undergo the same transformation that Reddit did, or we will regress as a civilization.

Edit: I'm curious as to those who've downvoated, do you support these kinds of things happening? Or is it because people you don't like are also supporting Net Neutrality, and thus you must be the contrarian? Please, let your thoughts be known, because the downvoats tell me shitall about your positions on this matter.

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Why can they even do this now??

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Thank God we'll have our internet from a few years ago back. Under net neutrality, companies can ban you from the internet if they dislike you.

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Hey, what a surprise. It's a post about net neutrality.

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Your average customer couldn't care less as long as facebook still works.

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That and there's massive infrastructure monopolies in play so it wouldn't matter if they didn't like it, but they don't care.

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Facebook is evil and should die. The Lizardberg should die slowly by being raped in every hole with a dirty cactus.

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Firewall IP blocks.

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Comcast provides no option to opt out of this horrific practice

I successfully opted out years ago by choosing my local ISP instead of some disreputable cable company. Speeds may or may not be as high, but when I walk over to their office to pay my bill, the people are friendly and helpful. They have modem loaners if you're having issues, and are nothing but pleasant to deal with.

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LOL Nice! I have a local office that I can pay my bill at and go swear at them. I know the techs by name and it seems that they're going to keep the office open. Fairpoint sold my lines and I'm going to stick out my service with the new company to see how well they do.

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There are no other ISPs in the city I live in.

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This has been going on for a very long time. This is exactly what everyone is talking about when they push really hard for SSL (that green lock on the top right wait I'm in the technology forum). Not just comcast, lots of internet providers, also hackers/man in the middle type attacks on websites of all kinds that don't have it.

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Ultimate man in the middle. Be cloudflare, aka google. Bypass https on the most controvercial sites. If a site opts out of it, bomb them with ddos and make them pay for the expensive services priced at actual cost.

Why are they running both cdn and ddos protection for free when those things have a seriously expensive glass floor?

People keep complaining about ISPs but there are seriously more serious threats out there. Don't like "corporate censorship" Reddit is a corporation and is censoring, yet that's cheered. Don't like advertizer's spying. Personal data purchasers would rather have what can be gotten out of cookies, referers, and included javascript from adsense than what an ISP could pick up from https by an ISP. Don't want a corporation injecting javascript? Google is injecting it everywhere https or no https. Don't want fast lanes for preferencial treatment of content. Facebook is selling likes.

It's a wild west. Deal with it. Don't like it, build something better. Because the cost of these principles if actually pursued would require regulating everyone.

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Where is Google injecting JavaScript and where, I would like to read about it. Cookies referrers all that stuff has security built in, if you're a questionable site and don't want to show up as a referrer then link via proxy or don't link. Don't want your referrer header sent then turn it off in your browser.

I'm not certain what principles you are talking about because all I was talking about was the benefit of SSL. Which you say is circumvented and I don't know about it.

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Nah goy bro, Comcast is an innocent Tier II ISP committed to Net Neutrality. Haven't you read our Twitter ads lately? #BLM :^)

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