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"You are loving an artifact that can’t love you back, and the best they can do is fake it."

Ironically this describes a lot of women too.


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Every time I hear "Will I still be your Superman", I think of that special forces soldier's wife that walked out on his family after he became a paraplegic in the line of duty


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Don't think I've read about that one, but she sounds like the worst kind of degenerate cunt imaginable.


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Or how about this famous photo of a POW reunited with his family.

Here's the backstory: tl;dr he spent six years in captivity, during which time his wife happily collected and spent 100% of his pay ...while she fucked other men. Then she gets a telegram saying that he's going to be released from captivity and will be coming home. Then (when she knew he was coming home) then she wrote him a letter telling him that the marriage was over. This poor fucker got let out of a POW camp and then got a "dear john" letter before even making it back to US soil.

Now, this was back before the days of no-fault divorce, so you might think at the very least he could get cut loose from her without having to pay - because the divorce court is going to see that she's awful and give her nothing, right? Nope. She got 43% of his retirement.


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or the marine who ended up severely disfigured after a fire. wag vowed to stick by him and married him anyway, well before the healing, rehab, and fact that soldiers dont get brand new faces from the worlds best plastic surgeons.

even the wedding pics you can see the utter horror in her face. it didnt work out. he ended up committing suicide.