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....this is a means of showing people that the dollar is hyper inflated .... and a crash is coming. . . Both for bitcoin and the USD....

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There's only two outcomes: Either nations start cracking down on Bitcoin (like China did), or Bitcoin exposes the sham that the current world economy is and we enter the Great Depression 2.0

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Maybe (((They))) want bitcoin as the global currency. People seem to underestimate (((Them))) and always did for centuries now. (((Their))) power might be so significant now that it's not even tied to printing fake money any more.

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How about , the coins will have to be USA certified ( controlling the value ) otherwise the coins will be worth a fraction at the supermarket / POS ? or is that what china did ?

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I don't really think that bitcoin is a very good indicator gauging how inflated that value of the dollar is, I think gold and silver are a better measure of that. I think bitcoin is just one of those things that is riding the hype train, similar to the dotcom boom, beanie babies, and any other similar thing that has faded into obscurity after its bubble popped. These crypto currencies are the embodiment of fiat currency, the only valuable aspect is the block chain technology that they utilize. The bitcoin market is valued at around $60b 96% of addresses own just 3.5% of the total bitcoin market and 4% of addresses hold 96.5% of the total bitcoin market. Just 1% of addresses control over 50% of the total bitcoin market. Every time the bitcoin breaks a new record the exchanges are down, the whole thing seems like a scam to me... But like I said, I definitely don't think that it holds any indication of how strong the dollar is.

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Just two 30 year generations years ago gold was 30$ and ounce, now it is 1300$, it is not bitcoin that is the scam, but the US dollar, bitcoin has a set amount of only 21 million coins, US dollars can be printed and ARE printed at a rate of 80 billion a month, then we are loaned that money and have to pay back half a trillion of interest to the federal reserve annually,who we aren’t even allowed to audit to know where they spend that 500 billion every year now! also, TAXES. How many times does a dollar circulate before the majority of it has been gobbled up in taxes?? each time a new person or business receives it a good chunk disappears to be mismanaged and squandered inefficiently instead of being stockpiled as societal wealth, fuck, you can’t even save dollars for your kids because they are worth less by the minute!! What a scam, if money was meant to replace barter then surely bitcoins and other secure forms of global trade via other cryptocurrency is the future! Take heed!

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Ok, fair point and well put.... +1

I ask you, is it only because gold and silver have such a long track record ....that you have such faith... ?

When the fabrication of such "precious" metals is achieved .... what is a pound of gold worth ? what it can be used for as a conductor vs a fashion / social symbol..... ?

Thoughts ?

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Or the USD fails and btc does just fine. People trade btc for all kinds of Fiat currency.

In fact the USD is minority.

I believe Japan accounts for 40 percent of trading alone, so I suspect the yep is more involved.

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..... real world application ..... How does one trade btc with normies ? or foreign currency and then to normies ?

Or btc to gold then to normies..... the system is not setup for that let alone the meat bags.....

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im kicking myself for not buying when i had the chance

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Anyway, I'd recommend waiting for the price to crash (supposedly Monday or so), buy in then, and laugh in 6 months when it's doubled in price again.

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I'm kicking myself for losing my wallet from back in the day.

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Who do you think is behind these exchange "troubles" as the currency explodes in use exposing the fraud of centralized banks printing worthless money?

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Growing pains for exchanges.

They need bigger infrastructure to support the influx of new users.

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https://archive.fo/WH7ad :

Bitcoin price soars amid technical troubles for exchanges • The Register

'In the past 24 hours, Bitcoin surged from around $12,700 up beyond $16,500, a new high, before retreating to around $15,500 by mid-morning Pacific Time, as listed by Coindesk. '

'The price of Bitcoin (BTC) continued to soar on Thursday, creating chaos among those trying to buy and sell the cryptocurrency currency due to service trouble at several exchanges. ', "On Twitter, traders moaned they can't do arbitrage when it takes several hours to send Bitcoin between exchanges."

'Someone appears to have sold 14,400 Bitcoin, worth more than $220 million at $15,400 per BTC, the approximate price at the time of the transaction. '

'Coinbase, GDAX, Bitfinex, and Kraken all suffered service trouble on Thursday as buyers and sellers of Bitcoin tried to participate in the market. '

This has been an automated message.

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Its gonna hit $30k in another 8 months, crash to $10k and then keep climbing well and past that.

Best fit is a power model for it's price history. Yesterday was a good day. Volatility only looks volatile because a gain or loss of a couple hundred dollars is a big risk for a small fish. But when you get that sort of volatility combine with growth it means bigger players are getting involved--so a gain or drop of dozens or hundreds of dollars isn't 'volatile'--the perspective is just changed from 40,000 feet.

I'd say 50/50 some of the exchanges are pumping it up, and larger players were churning volume to make a buck on big margins without being obvious about it.

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waiting for the bubble to pop.

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Time to go long on funeral home stocks. When this bubble pops there isn't going to be enough fiat currency going in to get any money out.

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