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Florida Man… pockets Uber cash to keep quiet about data breach • The Register

'A 20-year-old Florida man who lives with his mom was the "security researcher" that Uber paid off last year not to reveal a massive hack of its systems. ', "As well as the firing of two security officials, a further three managers in Uber's security department have resigned in the past week as new CEO Khosrowshahi clears house."

'Reuters spoke to HackerOne which agreed that a $100,000 was "extremely unusual" and an "all-time record" but noted that it does not manage the program or decide the payouts through the bug bounty programs it hosts. '

'One of those sources described the hacker as "living with his mom in a small home trying to help pay the bills."'

'At this point, you have to imagine that Khosrowshahi dreads every meeting in which a senior staffer tells him "there's something you should know…" ®'

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