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Toucan play that game: Talking toy bird hacked • The Register

'The same researchers whose hack on the My Friend Cayla doll prompted regulatory action have followed up with a hack on a talking toy robot bird. '

'Researchers from UK security consultancy Pen Test Partners found that it was child’s play to turn the Teksta Toucan talking toy into a potty-mouth. '

'It has a microphone and speaker, so it’s possible to simply pair it to a Bluetooth audio device (laptop, phone etc) and play some audio through the Toucan. '

'The iQue smart robot and Cayla were banned by the German telecommunications regulator a few months back. '

'El Reg understands that Toucan is manufactured by the same vendor that makes iQue and Cayla, Genesis Industries Ltd of Hong Kong, and we have asked it for comment. '

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