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https://archive.fo/lFmns :

Mastermind behind sophisticated, massive botnet outs himself | Ars Technica

'The botnet network relied on more than 1,200 domains and IP addresses to control infected computers. '

'On Tuesday, researchers with security firm Recorded Future published a blog post that said the participant was a 33-year-old Belarusian named Sergey Jarets. '

'In many cases, the Andromeda malware was able to turn off firewalls, Windows updates, and User Account Control functions and prevent users from turning them back on until a computer was disinfected. '

' Microsoft and antivirus provider Eset have more information about the botnet and the takedown here and here. '

'To most people, Jarets was known only as "Ar3s," the moniker assigned to a highly respected elder in the criminal underground. '

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TIL ICQ is still a thing.