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Of course AI would study those it thought was the most efficient at removing humans...

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I chuckled aloud and the dog looked at me and snorted.

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Lmao, there isn't a ping on the map within 300 miles of me, level Expert accomplished.............

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Or they've narrowed it down to just one person and that person is you!

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AI diving into the mind of serial killers, what could possibly go wrong.

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Not much, really. It's not like they are autonomous. We can just format them or unplug them.

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For those playing the home game, note that I did not submit this to v/AI as that's not the type of content I'll be adding to that sub. This is interesting, but I'm going to post mostly academic, informative, content there. This is pretty much the definition of the "fluff" that I said I'd not post in that sub. It's great - but it's better suited here.

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Afterall its artificial, support AI if you want to see a downfall of humanity... I hate the Self driven Pizza Delivery car.. It obviously will make someone loose his job