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I'm not really sure where to best place this one, so it goes here.

I had mined 24 or 28 of them. Slashdot told me they were worth $400 each. I promptly forgot all about it. It took a while to find the computer I'd mined them in and I was able to recover them because I'd used a fairly simple password that I use for unimportant things.

By the time I'd recovered them, they had spiked to like $700 and had rapidly dropped to $600. Well, something close to those numbers.

I said to myself, "David," because that's my name, "You don't want to deal with the hassle of reporting this to the IRS and Nora (she does my taxes) is going to be pissed."

So, I donated them to the EFF and didn't even bother to write them off as I'd never realized them.

EFF, so far as I know, immediately transfers them to USD and were pretty happy about it, I'm sure. It worked out to be something like $11,800.

Imagine if they'd held onto the BTC and waited to turn them into USD?

Anyhow, I figured I'd share my own tale of BTC misadventure.


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This guy is a moron if not a liar looking for publicity... according to the article the guy claims to have thrown out the HDD with 7,500 Bitcoins when they were valued at $130. Uhh... so he just accidentally thew away $975,000 worth of Bitcoins at the time (now worth $85,125,000)?


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From what the guy said on Plebbit (he posts in these threads there sometimes) the HD was in a drawer and got mixed with some junk during spring cleaning.


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lol. I spent btc on pizza.. @400.. regularly. FYI:: thats how its supposed to be used. Far more dangerous instrument when it gets speculated on like it is now. Also FYI: I own btc, but get real people.. Any fucking crypto can do what BTC can do.. Its biggest purpose imo is to show that its possible to manage currency without a fucking FED, -and it will be BETTER. Also, the markets are fucking rigged. Nothing makes sense. Fuckery is afoot and BTC can be a hedge. All in all, that BTC is gonna get a lot higher before it gets lower.


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https://archive.fo/Rn6sc :

Man who ‘threw away’ bitcoin haul now worth over $80m wants to dig up landfill site | The Independent

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Hopefully he'll spend months digging through the trash and then find them just as the value plummets back to zero.


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How can you wish someone harm like that? Someone who has done you no wrong. Why?