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It is interesting that even though you purchase the phone from one of these companies, you merely purchase the rights to use the phone as they want you too. Just realize, the goal is to remove any power the consumer has and give it back to the company that built it. Everything you own is merely a privilege that can be taken away

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Librem phone or whatever it's called is looking pretty good.

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For now. The giants of today that stand to lose money because of things like librem will sabotage it. Like Microsoft has done to its competition historically.

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What they really want is a rent or lease type situation forced on everyone. That isn't legal, so they just make software that is difficult to get around if you want to change things making it too much of a barrier for most people, while at the same time voiding your warranty for being successful.

Warranty void for those who desire freedom. :(

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The next best thing is the subscription model. When your product is dying, simply switch over to a subscription model. Not only does customer end up paying 5-7 times or even more over lifetime of product, you never ever own it anymore. These companies really want it all, they want imported cheap labor, complete control over your device, over exaggerated pricing(A phone should not cost 1000$, that's just gouging), and dominance over when that device gets to die. And they have the ballls to say Trump is the evil one...

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Yep I had a long fight with Samsung about letting me do what I want with my gal s5 over email, they refused to help me sighting warranty, dumb fucks don't even know my old phone isn't covered, instead they told me to buy a dev version of the phone so I can do what I want with it, I told them I'm not buying any more Samsung anything.

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its (((their))) world. we are their cattle.

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No. Its the white mans world and the parasitic jew has stolen some of it.

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its (((their))) world. we are their chattel.


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Pick you poison, in the spring I'm buying a new Windows Phone because I really don't like Android, I won't waste my time with Apple, and I don't trust Google or Samsung.

I don't trust MS either, but they've never pretended to be anything they aren't.

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Unless you're also replacing the actual Google services with something like microG, you're not "De-Googling" your phone by using open source apps.

Have fun replacing the services in an open source ROM and building it yourself!

Also, you're gonna need a ROM that supports Signature Spoofing.

All this is assuming, of course, that you have unlocked your devices bootloader, and installed a custom recovery so you can flash your self-built ROM.

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Or, you know, you could always install something such as LineageOS. Most devices' bootloaders can be unlocked. There are very few devices that cannot be rooted, and if you can root your phone, you can, practically, install Lineage or CWM OS, essentially making the knowledge necessary to compile your own ROM, unnecessary.

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LineageOS doesn't support Signature Spoofing.

You have to edit the source and rebuild to add support for it.

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LineageOS devs have specifically said they will not implement signature spoofing. You can still install an Xposed module that will take care of the same thing.

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I am running LineageOS and I still have to copy my OpenNLP APK over to the System partition manually every time I update. It's a pain in the ass.

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Let's see someone "de-Google" a phone that most people use and has a locked bootloader.

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Many manufacturers (including Motorola) actually provide an official way to unlock the bootloader. It does however generally void the warranty. Don't care, it's $70 and the only thing I miss over my old Galaxy S6 is that the camera was better.

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Is there a list of devices that's true for? I want to get something cheap, and I have no idea how easy installing a new ROM will be.

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Not for my gal s5, shits locked down, pisses me off I can't do 2hat I want with shit I paid for

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I mean like a Samsung, Google, or iPhone. They're most of the market.

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I should look into this

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F-Droid FTW

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How do you de-google an OS written by google?

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You flash the device with something else that's mostly Android compatible.

  • Lineage OS – Formerly Cyanogen Mod.
  • Copperhead OS – “A hardened open-source operating system based on Android.”
  • Sailfish OS – “Open source and developed by the Finnish mobile company Jolla Ltd. and the Sailfish OS community.”


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The core of Android is open source and built on Linux. The problem comes from the closed source layer that google then puts on top of it. If you install something like lineage you are have more ability to control the apps, you don't have to signin with an email, no tracking happens unless you tell it to and nothing forces you to update. When you install gapps, you maintain some of the control (as lineage is just modified android) but all the black box google shit still happens. gapps would include google maps, playstore, gmail and so on. There are replacements for the majority of these (I'm till trying to find a work around for google maps though).

Not having Google on my phone genuinely makes me a happier person. I have a work phone that still runs android (but not for long), and I hate it, the updates and slow downs the forced logins to verify shit. Degoogle your phone and you'll be a happier person.

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Usufruct is everywhere.

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