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Twitter has no desire to eradicate pedophilia as it is very compatible with their love of Islam.

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Also because limiting it's exchange is identical economically to copyright and facilitates commercial child pornography by bringing supply and demand into coordination. Media markets don't develop in free markets. That's why we have copyright.

MP=CV*min(1,CR/FV)-CR. That is the formula for converting consumer characteristics into a demand curve. The supply curve is irrelevent because supply curves are variable cost which is zero (duplication is free). But copyright works off of allowing a producer to produce artifical scarcity, or intellegent scarcity. The media mogel sets a price that maximizes profit which would be set by the rectagle of maximal area bounded by the curve.

So now the demand curve is positive, the supply curve is ignored because of artifical scarcity. This is why there were no media markets before France and then the US adopted media protections in the late 1700s. There also was no commercial child pornography before the reaction to the Kilie Freedman case and enforcement increased and so did sentencing. Also as sentencing has increased the volume and sofistication of production has increased, as any economic model should tell you it would.

You know if you killed copyright you would kill hollywood yeah? Well the same applies here. Reduce media restriction and the only thing that gets developed are things that are virtuous to the point that the creator has his own motive to create them.

Anyways the payment for child pornography provides demand for the second order good (goods order is like an apple is a first order good, a tree is a second order good, land is a third order good).

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Hecho? Is that you?

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wait, so are you suggesting we legalize kiddie porn? Really?

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I'm sure there are plenty of pedos using Twitter and employed at Twitter, but just to play devil's advocate.

1) How do we know that the Alexa person is genuine, and has proof of her claims? Link to the actual proof? Why not post it, if it exists?

2) She has uncovered and retweeted some weirdo tweets, but was there any actual crimes?

3) Many of her posts seem very self-promotiony and odd: trying to contact cernovich and other e-celebs. Tweeting the FBI. Raises a small flag.

4) Why is an attractive college blonde spending lots of time hunting pedophiles? Not saying it's impossible, but stereotyping here, what if this is some kind of larp? It seems out of character. Girls that age generally are not concerned about this kind of stuff to that extent.

5) What if Twitter investigated their DMs and it turns out that the alleged pedo was not trading child pornography, but just said that as a sick joke to this alexa person?

6) What if some of these accounts are honeypots that are part of some law enforcement investigation? That could be why Twitter didn't respond?

7) Also contacting any big company and getting through to a real person can be tough. Maybe her attempt to "contact" twitter was tweeting at @jack somebody who gets probably tens of thousands of tweets per day and can't see everything.

The reason I'd be cautious about this is that false claims about pedophiles can poison the well and get people to not believe that there's weird stuff going on in these social networks. And this Alexa person seems like an odd one.

I'm all for rooting out the pedophiles, but be cautious about verifying info before going out of your way to shout it. The MSM can be wrong a thousand times and they'll still have credibility, we can be wrong once and immediately get the "debunked" label til the end of time.

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Link to the actual proof? Why not post it, if it exists?

Probably because that in itself would be a crime, but your other points are valid.

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Just FWIW, this is what Alexa claimed:

After months working to gain their trust they finally admitted they use Twitter to share Child Porn.

She didn't say she received actual child porn from them, just an admission of such.

I could be way wrong, but this doesn't seem genuine to me. Look at the profile and how obsessed it is with politics. Does that seem normal for an attractive young blonde woman? Tough to know what to think here. It's a good idea to investigate her claims though: just in case it is genuine.

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She can censor certain things.

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A Clinton?

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A legion of pedophiles.

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Imagine the spastic flailing of LGBTQOP!

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A pustule of pedos?

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There was someone last year that found a chain of them that appeared endless. She was begging for help on the internet to report them because there was so many. PedoTwitter shut her account down.

Anyone that believes leaving them up as bait for law enforcement is insanely short sighted. Every minute they're available for viewing creates the creation of more; and more kids are destroyed for public viewing.

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https://tweetsave.com/alexakoff/status/937395808651153409 :

Alexa ♕ on Twitter: "I found a trove of Pedophiles using Twitter to exchange Child Pornography in the DMs. After months working to gain their trust they finally… t.co/gmMWzz46Lm"

This has been an automated message.

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Why would they get rid of their spank bank?

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They are going to ban this person instead.

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Welp. That kid is going to jail

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